FFF/DM Gold Mug from DLD

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    MCMASTERSANCHEZ Aspirant (266) Jun 28, 2012 Indiana
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    So saw a bunch of post trading these mugs for beer(s) but havent seen any actually get done or the OP doesnt state that it happened. Does anyone know if these mugs actually trade for beer at all and for what level?
  2. boilermakerryan

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    Think the answer is still up in the air. The mugs lasted for quite some time as most people were going for the snifters. Also, Dark Matter has released silver ones that can be purchased online for those who missed out, were too drunk to get there, or just did not go. Also depends on how badly someone wants a mug.
  3. Stevedore

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    As a big coffee drinker, I think they're pretty awesome with a very nice heft and proper lip size. Plus the gold is actual 22 karat goldleaf or something like that so you have to be careful to handwash it only. I did buy 2 though when I really needed only 1, so I'd certainly consider sending one away for something.