Finnegans and Badger Hill

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by Bravak, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. Bravak

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    Hello everyone.

    Does anyone have a clue what happened between the partnership of Badger Hill and Finnegans? I was last at Badger in Shakopee in about November, and when I stopped by their tap room with friends on Friday, all Finnegans equipment was gone, they no longer brew in the building, and it didn’t seem that there was a sign they had ever worked together. When I asked someone a question about it, I got a feeling that something went sideways.

    I’ve been gone for the past few months on a teaching assignment in Asia until this last week, now back hone prematurely thanks to good ol’ Covid-19! So I’m not sure what happened in the meantime, and I can’t find anything in the web referring to the partnership breaking up.

    Anyone have some insight?
  2. morimech

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    Finnegans do have their own brewhouse now so not sure why there would be bad blood rather than dissolving a prior agreed upon arrangement.
  3. Bravak

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    if I remember correctly, the brew house at Finnegans was Badger Hills old brew house and was in operation at Finnegans new place downtown since day 1. Finnegans spent 7 figures to help upgrade the Badger Hill facility, so for them to move out all of a sudden doesn’t jive. It sure didn’t seem like a “temp arrangement” at the time. I think there was a Growler article that talked about it (but I’m too damn lazy to google it).

    No - something happened. Badger Hill and Finnegans were touting this long term partnership, and now that is no longer the case. And Finnegans is no longer brewing their production beer at Badger Hill. And the long time owner of Finnegans has been surprisingly absent from any social media, save for 1 post.

    Something happened.