Firestone Walker Introduces Napa Parabola

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    Paso Robles, CA: Fine wine meets a Firestone Walker legend with the inaugural release of Napa Parabola, a Russian imperial stout matured in French oak wine barrels from one of Napa Valley’s most prestigious cult wineries.

    “Being an avid wine drinker, I always thought that Parabola would lend itself well to red wine barrels,” said Eric Ponce, Firestone Walker’s barrel program manager. “It was something that was always in the back of my mind, so when these rare wine barrels became available, I jumped at the opportunity. The winery didn’t want to be named—all I can say is that these barrels held some of the finest wines you’ll find in Napa Valley.”

    The result is a singular beer that marries the French oak qualities of premium Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot barrels with Parabola’s own signature notes of dark fruit, tobacco and chewy roasted malts. The oak contributes a satiny texture with notes of spice and toasted coconut, while the residual wine character layers in flavors of cedar, clove, mocha, ripe berry and dried chili pepper.

    Napa Parabola is rolling out to all Firestone Walker markets starting this week. It comes on the heels of the 2019 vintage release of the regular bourbon barrel-aged Parabola last month.

    Parabola is Firestone Walker’s most notorious bourbon barrel-aged beer, with a lineage that dates back to 2006. With a rich, roasty intensity that can stand up to a variety of complementary flavors, Parabola lends itself to variant iterations. Earlier small-batch variants have included Coconut Rye Parabola and Parabajava—but Napa Parabola is the first variant to reach all Firestone Walker markets as a limited vintage release.

    “While boozy bourbon notes are predominant in our regular Parabola, Napa Parabola offers an entirely different dimension of French oak character, and the wine spices and berry flavors marry perfectly with the beer’s roasted malts and chocolaty aromatics,” Ponce said.

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    Firestone Walker Brewing Company is a pioneering regional craft brewery founded in 1996 and located on the coast of California. Firestone Walker’s main brewery in Paso Robles produces a diverse portfolio ranging from iconic pale ales to vintage barrel-aged beers. The Barrelworks facility in Buellton makes eccentric wild ales, while the Propagator pilot brewhouse in Venice specializes in R&D beers and limited local offerings. For more information:
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    Considering I never even get regular Parabola into the store, I highly doubt we'll receive any of this. But it certainly intrigues me, sounds delicious. I may have to work my magic and acquire a bottle.
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    I'm in like Flynn.
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  4. dennis3951

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    Hope this makes it to NJ.
  5. pjeagles

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    Why in the world would the winery not want to be named?
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    My guess is that they didn't want to be named without a licensing fee, and FW figured they'd sell it all with or without the winery name attached.
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    I’m going to buy as much of this as I can.
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    Interesting. I haven't loved most of the wine barrel aged stouts I've had, but I have tons of faith in FW.
  9. deadwolfbones

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    had the Sam Adams Thirteenth Hour the other night, which was very good, and the Lagunitas Sonoma Brett Stout a few weeks back. That one was even better. Psyched for this.
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  10. jamshard2mash

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    port barrel for wine aged stuff or I'm out!
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  11. jageraholic

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    Has anyone seen regular 2019 Parabola distro in New England?
  12. Hinda65

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    Excited to compare this against brassiere noir which was one of my favorite brews from last year
  13. BeardedWalrus

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    Itd be nice if I could find original Parabola round here, but it sounds like an interesting idea nonetheless. If anyone can pull this off its FW.
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  14. stevepat

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    Like others have said, if I'm gonna trust anyone to do this it's firestone so count me in if I catch site of it in the wild. Definitely be stopping on my next trip down the 101
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    Huge Parabola fan...definitely worth a try.
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  16. ichorNet

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    I'm sure this will at the very least be interesting and enjoyable, and it has the potential to be amazing.
  17. Prince_Casual

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    Bummer, I was just in a local organic grocer yesterday and they had 2019 Parabola and Sucaba staring at me on the shelf, not even 1/pp. I wasn't there to buy beer but I had to take one of each just because. I'll pour out a little (a bery small amount I promise) for the homies who still aren't flush with FW box beers. They are making a ton, it will come eventually.

    I'm definitely in for Napa Parab-a. Red Wine Black Tuesday was probably my favorite beer from Reserve Society 2018, I think you have to go big and sweet, because french oak soaked with wine isn't nearly as sugary as bourbon soaked american oak, but just like BT, I think Parabola is up to the task. The Red Wine Etain was also really good, I agree with @Domingo RW barrel beers are hit or miss, but the good ones can be really really good.
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  18. johnInLA

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    Gotta love the Propagator.

    No line, no fuss, in and out in a few minutes with Napa Parabola.

    They have the Napa Saison too, for those interested.
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