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  1. Bungletronics

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    Is it just me, or my geographical location, or are Firkins a thing of the past? I've been doing the craft beer thing since about 2007 an in 2 different states. I feel like brewery tasting rooms and craft beer bars would always have something special on cask. Whether it be a dry-hopped version of one of their beers, or featuring some adjunct enhancements, there was always something cool once a week or so.

    I'm in the suburbs north of Los Angeles and the number of breweries in the area has grown exponentially and continues to grow. It is fantastic. But it seems like everyone is trend-focused. There isn't too much experimentation and some of the traditional or special stuff has gone the way of the dodo. I mean, I guess it is good that there are 7+ IPA's or similar on tap at any given time (not).

    So, the question... Do you still see cask beer served these days? Also, where near the Los Angeles area are you finding it should you be there.
  2. zid

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    Yorkshire Square... which also provides the answer to the first question. Cask beer is an endangered species in the US, but it seems like the only attention it gets here is with the rare breweries dedicated to it.
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    “Do you still see cask beer served these days?”

    I live in Southeastern PA and I am fortunate that cask ale is still available to me. Just last weekend I was able to drink two versions of Scottish Ale on cask at the Sly Fox Brewpub:

    On gravity pour:

    “Burns' Scottish Export Ale

    Brown Ale

    12.8 OG18 IBUs5.0% ABV

    Named for the famous Scottish poet, this brown ale brewed with British pale and roasted malt is medium bodied with a smooth, malty, mellow palate.”

    On the hand pump:

    “Gang Aft Agley

    Scottish Wee Heavy

    19.5 OG20 IBUs8.6% ABV

    Brewed with roasted barley and pale malts. A full-bodied malt lover's dream beer: mellow, rich and filled with flavor. Gang aft agley translates "go oft astray," as in Robert Burn's famous line about "the best laid schemes o' mice an' men..."

    Now, while there are highlights like the above the number of craft beer bars serving beer via cask is less today than it was 10+ years ago. One of my favorite local craft beer bars (TJs) removed their hand pump over 5 years ago.

    Another less than positive sign was that Yards no longer packages their once flagship beer of ESA (Extra Special Ale – an English Bitter Ale) and the only place where I have had ESA on cask was at the brewery itself. 10+ years ago I used to be able to find Yards ESA on cask at local craft beer bars but not so much today.

    Yup, cask ale just does not seem popular today. Because it is doesn’t serve the Haze Bros crowd?

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    You will probably get better answers for that if you ask in the Pacific region forum:
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    Yeah we have a regional cask thread in mid atlantic. It’s been a useful way to share info and learn about new/under the radar places. Good luck op
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    I'd rather not see breweries doing cask and doing it poorly. That being said, I would love to see someone at least tackle it in Casper. Fort Collins is the closest to me that does it right..Coopersmiths.
  7. Bungletronics

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    I appreciate that and I see this was moved. My inquiry was more general but so be it. Good ok forum politics.

    I hate that it’s a dying thing. And I agree with the person who said they’d rather see it not done poorly. It didn’t used to be but I just hate that it’s completely extinct. I worked briefly as a beertender at a brewery and a few months in they removed their beer engine. They now offer hard seltzer. Joy.
  8. FrogOut69

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    Yorkshire. /Thread
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  9. Black_Rider

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    MacLeod Ale Brewing company /threadcontinuing
  10. J-loco

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    Beachwood once in awhile will have something
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  11. UnknownKoger

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    James on cask...*chef kiss*
  12. FrogOut69

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    Good call.
  13. pinballplayer

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    Inland Wharf down in Temecula had cask ales on tap when I've been there. I think it was their original focus but last time I talked to the owner he said the cask ales weren't selling well.
  14. Bungletronics

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    I feel like they used to have something on all the time, or at least the majority of the time. Granted, this was pre-Long Beach. I haven't made it down there in years, unfortunately.

    I agree with whoever said that whatever casks offered from places should be quality. Thinking about it more, I'm not sure I would enjoy the casks from my local breweries since all they brew are 10 kinds of hazy IPA.
  15. bayareahustla

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    Theres a brewery in the bay called FREEWHEEL that does 85% of their beers CaskStyle. Absolutely love it as its a breath of fresh air from all the pastry stouts and hazy sweet ipas.
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  16. 310gts

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    i think el segundo and firestone walker have something on cask every now and then - maybe even three weavers too. theyll usually post something on instagram when they do, if i recall right.
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  17. jamshard2mash

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    Alesmith in SD typically has 1 or 2 beers on cask. .394 on cask is fantastic!
  18. ryno09

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    New English usually has one or two on.
  19. iishen

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    Inland Wharf usually has their ESB on cask, but has otherwise pretty much moved away from cask ales. It's a damn shame, their rotating-hop pale mild on cask was a beautiful thing.

    There are very few places in SD or adjacent who regularly carry casks now, I can't think of any outside of New English and Alesmith. Afaik not even Pizza Port is using their engine these days.