first taste Pliny, and vs New England

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  1. mrz200

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    having my first one ever...from a trade for bottles from a SF weekly delivery on 9/16 or so.

    In addition, my work has allowed me to make daytime visits to Everett and Monson MA, Portland and Freeport Maine, and Newington NH all within the last 2 week or so.

    I'd rank the IPA & DIPAs - all brewery fresh, so it's a relatively level playing field- like this.

    #1. Stoneface Hopuliazation
    #2. Bissell Bros Substance
    #3. Treehouse Alter Ego
    #4. Maine Beer Lunch
    #5. Pliny the Elder
    #6. Tree House Lights On
    #7. Night Shift Azzaca & Vic Secret
    #8 this week's Night Shift Morph & Santilli(look - Santilli has become my go-to "kinda out of the way but not crazy" IPA, so I normally love this beer, morph too, it's just facing some stiff completion)
    #9. Funky Bow So Folkin Hoppy
    #10. Peak Super fresh
    #11. Bissell Bucolia
    Came awfully close to hitting Trilium on my way back from RI Thuraday and had I, my top 5 would probably be different.

    Hopulization deserved way more hype. Killer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.