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Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by NBHeart, Aug 16, 2019.

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  1. Nbrock24

    Nbrock24 Disciple (358) Mar 11, 2016 Illinois

    Looks like Vanilla Rye went on for pours. First time Goose did a vintage at Fobab?
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  2. CB_Michigan

    CB_Michigan Disciple (369) Sep 4, 2014 Illinois

    Prop 19 was my favorite GI beer, followed closely by 2-year Reserve. Off Color Chicago Craft Gin Week is a Real Thing was my favorite overall. Maplewood BA Cuppa was my favorite Bourbon BA beer, closely followed by Hop Butcher Slow Death of the World. HA Rings and Upland Raspberry were also noteworthy. GI Cafe de Olla is legit. Don’t be fooled by GI Obidiah, total waste of a pour for our group.
  3. Hop-Trollop

    Hop-Trollop Initiate (90) Apr 27, 2012 Illinois

  4. Jplachy

    Jplachy Disciple (372) Feb 12, 2012 Illinois

    Say hi if you see me.
  5. Hop-Trollop

    Hop-Trollop Initiate (90) Apr 27, 2012 Illinois

  6. whatruDOINdragic

    whatruDOINdragic Initiate (154) Aug 22, 2013 Illinois

    Quick reax: skip FVM; Pure Project Cyrulus (sp?—vanilla bomb) and Burnt City something something The Pit something something (coffee BOMB) were my standouts. The Arclight raspberry sour was also very good.
  7. whatruDOINdragic

    whatruDOINdragic Initiate (154) Aug 22, 2013 Illinois

    Nah. I can’t remember specifics but they’ve definitely done vintage stuff at FOBAB before, maybe even VR last year (or the year before).
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    REVZEB Poo-Bah (6,134) Mar 28, 2013 Illinois

    Beer was excellent as always, but this year balance of what was available was perfect. No matter what you are into there was plenty to enjoy! Even the ciders were good!
    Now let’s get to the important part: the coat check was a well oiled machine with multiple designated lines that made it much faster. No lost coats this year!
  9. dukeandduke

    dukeandduke Meyvn (1,246) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois
    Society Trader

    Slightly less crowded this session vs. last years. Consensus was Mon Cheri was meh at best. Reserve better. Was disappointing as I thought it would be like the Cherry pour at Clyborn in years past.

    2019 Prop tapped third hour with Vanilla Rye, biggest line by far. Reserve the final hour, this was a solid pour.

    At my station, Central Waters' Black Gold and Begyle Brewing's BA Imperial Pajamas were the most popular pours, Brooklyn's Black Ops 2019 solid as well. I personally liked 25 West Brewing's Barrel Aged Time and Space. None of these tapped.

    Only had a few other pours, liked Short's BBA Obliviate, Lake Effect's Loch Effect, Half Acre's Orin and Fremont Brewing's Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb (this last one a bottle pour).

    Looking forward to tomorrow evening. I did confirm entrance / exits are permitted. There are no tickets so don't try to worry about allotments, BUT DO STAY HYDRATED and drink responsible. Glad to not have seen puke and unconscious attendees this year.

    Glass is a little different this year, like a mini nonic. Up to the stem is 1 oz, to the logo is 2-3 ozs (bottom / top) for those wanting to manage their consumption. Also, if you brewers second floor access, Bub City BBQ's Texas Sausage remarkably surpassed their most excellent offerings of years past.

    Happy 17th FOBAB!!!

    Liked Stevie's version better.

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  10. Goatboye

    Goatboye Initiate (193) Jan 13, 2015 Illinois

    Can someone post pics of the book? I’m looking to see location spots for breweries
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  11. Nbrock24

    Nbrock24 Disciple (358) Mar 11, 2016 Illinois

    let’s step it up: Does anyone have the All 22 tape? I want to do some film study on the Uber into town
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  12. sahd-1

    sahd-1 Disciple (336) Jul 2, 2013 Illinois

    Are the same styles located where they’ve historically been located?
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  13. sahd-1

    sahd-1 Disciple (336) Jul 2, 2013 Illinois

    With Veterans Day right around the corner, I’d just like to thank the Friday night attendees for their service. These men and women are the forward observers of FOBAB; The front line, that battles through the hoards of neckbeards, collecting intelligence along the way. They sacrifice by missing out on certain whalez so that we later session 2nd and 3rd wave pansies can analyze their supplied data and formulate our own strategies for maximum ticks.
    Again, thank you and God bless ‘Merica!
  14. randjuke

    randjuke Initiate (155) Feb 13, 2010 Iowa

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  15. REVZEB

    REVZEB Poo-Bah (6,134) Mar 28, 2013 Illinois

    Don’t sleep on the sour room this year, great variance. Also maple walnut bell witch was the surprise hit for our group
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  16. macewank

    macewank Initiate (171) Aug 28, 2010 Illinois

    Cider/Mead is in the main room this year but that's the only change afaik.
  17. jaysker95

    jaysker95 Initiate (73) Feb 1, 2016 Nebraska

    Anyone have thoughts on VSOR?
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  18. SWChi

    SWChi Defender (621) Oct 25, 2012 Illinois
    Society Trader

    I'm pouring Cherry Nelson.. come say Hi!
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  19. Jaycase

    Jaycase Meyvn (1,329) Jan 13, 2007 Illinois

  20. flat_lander

    flat_lander Defender (608) May 11, 2016 Illinois
    Society Trader

    Looks like it won gold for Other Strong Beer category. Strawberry Jacket got a silver for Fruit Beer. Congrats @Veliksta1 and the Rev crew!
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  21. SWChi

    SWChi Defender (621) Oct 25, 2012 Illinois
    Society Trader

    Anyone here for evening season? I'm enjoying Mendhi... yes, sour room was great.. Noon Whistle and Maplewood were hits...
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  22. dukeandduke

    dukeandduke Meyvn (1,246) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois
    Society Trader

    Had a chance to better explore the space today. Best pours I was able to score:

    Specialty Strong Porter Stouts 3 Floyds French Vanilla Militia
    Barleywine: Fremont Brewing Brew 3000
    Other Strong Beer: Lake Effect Brewing Loch Effect
    Strong Porter Stout: Maplewood Barrel Aged Cuppa
    Wild Beer & Brett (non acidic): Lake Effect Cerise De Michigan
    Specialty & Experimental Beer: Fremont 2018 Coffee Cinnamon B Bomb
    Wild Beer Sours Fruit (Acidic): Dovetail Kriek 2019
    Best of Fest: Fremont Brewing

    Great event, shit show first 30 minutes, after whales were had, things were calm. GI Cafe De Olla better than Mon Cheri, Reserve slightly better than CDO, very strong whiskey. Didn't stand in line for Prop. Not bothering with bottles this year.

    That is all, another FOBAB in the books!
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  23. Hop-Trollop

    Hop-Trollop Initiate (90) Apr 27, 2012 Illinois

    Thanks for recaps. Gotta disagree on the Dovetail Kriek, one of the few beers I dumped. All I could taste was phenolic.

    Lucky to have multiple pours of most of the goose and Mon Cheri and Cafe de Olla were my favorites. Liked but didn’t love the vanilla. The 2-year did nothing for me. Tasted like regular with a couple drops of bourbon in it. Mehndi was good, Curvature was great but had almost no barrel. Cuppa was 100% flat but tasted great. Pajamas was good. Vanilla Benthic really good. Always happy to drink Chocolate Rain. Peach Lost Abbey was fantastic. Vultures really good. Had a few other good sours I can’t remember and some not so good. New Belgium Sour IPA was a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to that one coming out.

    Overall had a great time yesterday for my first fobab. I’ll be back.
  24. americanzero4128

    americanzero4128 Initiate (20) Jan 21, 2015 Illinois

    Fobab was a blast, like usual. Saturday evening session here.

    Beers I enjoyed (in no particular order):
    Cruz Blanca Tarzan Boy - I'm not normally a big rum BA beer fan but this was great. Slightly spicy, big coffee, and the banana gave a creaminess on the finish. Very good.
    Fremont Brew 3000 - Just a killer English style barleywine. This and Straight Jacket are the best in the style to me.
    More Roaming Elephant - Another great barleywine.
    Maplewood BA Cuppa - The book doesn't list any adjuncts added, but my group got a lot of coconut and peanut butter. Really impressive at the depth of flavors for a no frills BA stout.
    Both Afterthought beers were great. I preferred Barrel 22.
    Area Two Kriek - My tasting notes at this point were simply "YES!!!"
    Lost Abbey Peach Afternoon - I really dug how the white tea provided a clean, dryer, semi sweet finish to this beer. Made me want to take another sip right away.

    Beers I didn't enjoy (in no particular order):
    First pour I had was Phase Three Curvature w/coconut, vanilla, and cassis bark. I didn't taste much barrel at all, and the flavors weren't well integrated - they came at me in waves. I poured this one out after a sip.
    Strawberry Jacket was fine, but not great, to me. Not going to spend $40 on a 4pack. Glad I got to sample this first.
    Cerebral Brewing Vanilla Rye Here Be Monsters - Tons of vanilla and not much else. Unbalanced, imo.
    Braxton Labs barleywine with hazelnuts and vanilla - a mess of a beer.
    Monday Night Brewing Tie 8 On - A blend of 8 different beers. Had way too much going on and was another mess of a beer. Cool idea, not well executed.
    Arclight Soursmith Red Raspberry - my buddy and I both got funky blue cheese on the aroma. Weird as hell and ruined the beer for me.

    BCBS thoughts:
    Original BCBS is great, like it is every year.
    Mon Cheri wasn't that great. Won't be getting this in bottles. I got more sweet cherry than a tart cherry, and a weird spiciness on the finish.
    Reserve Rye was too heavy on the rye.
    2 Year Reserve was really good.
    Prop was really good as well. I got cinnamon up front, and the pecan helped dry out the finish. Really well made. Jealous I'm not going to Prop Day to drink this again.
    Vanilla Rye - Vanilla has faded and is well integrated with the beer. Super tasty, but I don't see this getting any better with age. Glad I got to drink this again.

    Final thoughts:
    There were so many great beers that I didn't list above. I think the quality of the wild and sour room beers gets better every year. Looking through the beer book, I found a ton that I'm kicking myself for not trying. I would prefer if they hand out the book in line, when they hand out the wristbands, so I can look through the beer list ahead of time and make a list of ones I want to hit first. I know they're on the ICBG app, but I'm old fashioned and don't want to install another app for this. Can't wait to do Fobab again next year!
  25. Jplachy

    Jplachy Disciple (372) Feb 12, 2012 Illinois

    Was a blast as always. Met @macewank finally. A lot of amazing stuff but also an above average number of beers fed to the dump buckets. Here's my favorites.

    The Lost Abbey Peach Afternoon
    Prop '19
    Peach Brandy Chickow
    Hacienda L'hiver
    Miskatonic Maple Walnut Bell Witch
    Mikerphone Press Play
    Hop Butcher Slow Death of the Familiar
    Hop Butcher Piggy Back Rye'd
    Vanilla Benthic
    Virtue Cider Old Spot
  26. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Crusader (729) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    Did HB make these specifically for Fobab or will we see packaged barrel aged beers from them? As a valued member of the community can you explain what flavors your got from Prop '19?

    Also, didn't a Chickow medal like 5 years ago?
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  27. kodt

    kodt Zealot (593) Mar 6, 2013 Illinois

    Yeah it won gold as well as best in show at 2016 Fobab.
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  28. sahd-1

    sahd-1 Disciple (336) Jul 2, 2013 Illinois

    Saturday evening attendee. The organizers probably hated the lower attendance, but selfishly I loved it. That was the most laid back FOBAB session I’ve been to in years. I was able to try everything I wanted to with no problem. It was funny how there would be a long line for the hyped beers, then 15 minutes later, there was no one in it. Last year’s best in show (Fundamental Observation) was still flowing as of 9:30 last night. It may not have even kicked for all I know.
    The Bourbon County line moved quickly and you could have gotten multiple pours of everything if you wanted. Surprisingly I liked the Cafe de Olé the best.

    Standouts for me were:

    Pure Project
    Corylus w/ Vanilla

    Hidden Springs
    Black Aggie Bday Cake (the smell and taste jumped out of the glass)

    Lost abbey
    Peach afternoon

    Mob craft
    Sour golden ale
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  29. Jplachy

    Jplachy Disciple (372) Feb 12, 2012 Illinois

    I don't know if HB will release those beers. I should have asked. Prop tastes like Pecans, Barrel, Vanilla, and chocolate. It is extremely well balanced and the best Prop since '14.
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  30. GuyFawkes

    GuyFawkes Poo-Bah (4,349) Apr 7, 2011 Illinois
    Society Trader

    As a non-attendee, I'm grateful for FoBAB because so many breweries splashed their beers across Chicago; just at Bottles & Cans I got to buy single beers from Weldwerks, Pure Project, Jackie O's & New Image...although shame on Listermann for bringing an 11 month old IPA to town (Hank The Dumpster Kitty...should have checked the date!).

    I'm sure the folks who tracked down Other Half cans feel the same way.
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  31. macewank

    macewank Initiate (171) Aug 28, 2010 Illinois

    Was nice meeting you @Jplachy !

    Had a great time at the fest this year. Props to whoever the volunteer was that had the bloody nose Friday night that dripped all over the upstairs bathroom. A normal human being would've probably had that looked at, but you soldiered on for the cause and for that, I salute you!
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  32. BreakingMyBalls

    BreakingMyBalls Initiate (92) Apr 27, 2017 California

    Stoked to see my hometown brewery win Best of Show two years in a row now. Makes me proud to see Anaheim represented on such a prominent national stage. Hope I can make it over to Chicago one of these years for the festivities, always looks like such a blast!
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  33. dukeandduke

    dukeandduke Meyvn (1,246) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois
    Society Trader

    I saw that in the bathroom, glad it was just a nose. Hope he is OK!

    Hope to run into Jplachy at a future event.

    Volunteering is a blast. Great pours, scouting for the following evening, helping a great event and the Illinois Craft Beer Society, great conversations and attendees, Glad not to have seen unconscious or puking attendees this year after what I witnessed last year.

    Congratulations. Was able to make it to Bottle Logic last year and it is an incredible brewery. Well deserved best in show award!!!

    FOBAB is a great event to attend, hope you can attend down the road. Hard to find 400 great beers like this available in one event, GABF one of the few exceptions. Try to come a day or two early for the great events hosting beers from participating FOBAB brewers. Still blown away from the Beachwood beers poured at The Beer Temple and FOBAB. Never had a Fremont pour until Friday, and they were my best of festival.

    Loved AleSmith, Modern Times and my visit to The Bruery Terreux in Anaheim as well. Monkish and a few others were solid as well.
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  34. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Crusader (729) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    That'll teach 'em not to say they ran out of mead at their station again!
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  35. randjuke

    randjuke Initiate (155) Feb 13, 2010 Iowa

    I'm posting pretty late in the game here. Had a great time as always. it wasn't quite as crowded this year but was still hard to get through some of the aisles at times.

    My takeaways:

    Not many talking about Medianoche but i liked it a lot, thought the regular was better than the peanut butter variant. To me a lot of the peanut flavors in these beers tastes like the peanuts you left out in a bowl for a couple months.

    Arclight Raspberry very good but sweeter than I remembered. I liked Half Acre Rings quite a bit. Thought the Lost Abbey Peach was just OK. A lot of the fruit beers weren't very fruity and the flavor was kind of weak, a matter of taste I guess. I liked the Strawberry Jacket a lot. Dovetail Kriek just OK. Thought the Afterthought #22 was better than the Afterthought one that got an award.

    The Phase Three Curvature was my favorite beer on Friday, but didn't seem as good on Saturday for some reason. So much is what shape your palate is in at a given time.

    Other favorite stouts:Maplewood BA Cuppa, Hop Butcher Slow Death of the Familiar, PP Corylus with Vanilla, Burnt City Black Pit of Hatred, Short's BA Obliviate, Bottle Logic Fundamental Observation (I didn't try their Arcane Rituals which won best in show). I had the FVM and don't see what all the fuss is about.

    Listerman was back with Chickow variations which were good but I think they need to start trying some new things.

    Thought the Revolution VSOR was good but nothing special.

    A bunch of others I've forgotten. It occurred to me our impressions of these beers is usually based on a much smaller sample than if we were to sit down and have a glass, and probably heavily weighted towards that first mouthful.
  36. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Crusader (729) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    Good to see all the different reviews. This means there are tons of quality options in BA beer. Long gone are the days when Fobab had that one consensus beer (BA Abraxas days?) because the competition was so light.
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  37. Gunslinger711

    Gunslinger711 Initiate (190) Apr 16, 2010 Indiana

    Just ordered Hank The Dumpster Kitty on Tavour, mainly for the can art... hopefully they got a fresher batch than 11 months... yikes.
  38. Nbrock24

    Nbrock24 Disciple (358) Mar 11, 2016 Illinois

    Did any of you see the guy at 12:45 on Saturday who slipped on the plastic mat and knocked over a dump bucket and an entire water cooler? I didn’t see him because that guy was me
  39. habc_me

    habc_me Initiate (42) Mar 7, 2017 Illinois

    We needta FOBAB together next year. 100%!
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  40. REVZEB

    REVZEB Poo-Bah (6,134) Mar 28, 2013 Illinois

    Agreed completely! Still plenty of Other Half at STC Binnys as of yesterday to those interested. FOBAB will be a gift that keeps on giving as the various establishments tap their kegs they got last week from out of state. I know a few that are waiting for a special weekend or something
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