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    Are basically notifications based on interactions with forum content that you've posted or opted to watch. Your Alerts feed can be found in the upper right navigation of the site.

    • You can adjust your Alert Preferences at anytime.
    • You won't get an alert for everything, otherwise you could end up with hundreds of alerts in a single day.
    • Alerts expire, so you'll miss them if you don't log in often.
    • All alert types are all pushed to the same alert feed.
    Watched Forums:
    • Select "Watch Forum" when viewing a forum's list of threads.
    • If a new thread is created, you'll get an alert.
    • You can access your Watched Forums under Forums in the site's main navigation.
    Watched Threads:
    • Unless someone replies to you or tags you in a thread, you won't receive and alert just because you participated in it. You must select "Watch Thread" when viewing it. You may also opt to "Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply..." from your Account Preferences.
    • Alerts essentially stop if you ignore them. If you get an alert from a watched thread and fail to read the thread, you won't get subsequent alerts for subsequent replies until you read the thread again.
    • You can access your Watched Threads under Forums in the site's main navigation.
    Tagging Users
    • Only the first 5 users that you tag (@) in a post will received an alert.
    Moderated Posts & Threads
    • If a moderator (mod) moves, merges, or deletes your post or thread they may opt to send you a quick note with the reason via an alert.
    • Some of the above restrictions may apply.
    • Alerts only work of you check them frequently AND the related content.
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