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Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by DJturnstile, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. DJturnstile

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    Released at the brewery today with a limited supply being released to the United States:

    Has anyone ever actually caught this in the wild, or is this a "I'm best friends with, and/or work at an amazing bottle shop" kind of situation?

    I was in Brussels 2 years ago walking to Cantillon on my last day there, got lost, arrived at the brewery 2 minutes before they closed and watched the last bottle of Fou being purchased.

    I can't rest until I've had this!!
  2. JayORear

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    A couple of years ago, FF popped up here and there, including my local bottle shop in L.A.

    Keep an eye on the trade forums, someone's bound to be trading it.
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  3. Bobbydigi

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    My store received some Fou this past April. It is a "secret handshake" beer though.
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  4. elbrooksie

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    I was able to get one at a store in Reno, NV two years ago, but that is the only one I have seen in the wild...
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  5. bushycook

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    You could have just ticked it onsite, they almost always have it...
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  6. DJturnstile

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    At the brewery? Nope, they had finished pouring at the bar too. Total fail. That's what I get for getting all tipsy at Poechenellekelder first!
  7. jbck109

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    Has this made it to the states,mi? yet?