Founders CBS (2018)

Discussion in 'US - Northeast' started by BostonBrewins, Nov 2, 2018.

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  1. cappy201

    cappy201 Initiate (117) Mar 25, 2012 Massachusetts

    Had a glass (delicious!) but I don't remember the price.
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  2. Dave_32

    Dave_32 Initiate (50) Apr 7, 2015 Massachusetts

    Multiple cases out at Total Wine in Burlington $26.99
  3. JakerLou

    JakerLou Meyvn (1,241) Jan 6, 2013 New Hampshire

    I was having my car serviced today and wandered into the Hannaford's in Derry NH on route 28. They had quite a few bottle priced at 21.99. Not sure what the limit was but they happily sold me 4 (my limit for the year :-) ).
  4. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Initiate (0) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    2018 release?
  5. JakerLou

    JakerLou Meyvn (1,241) Jan 6, 2013 New Hampshire

    Yes. Your question scared me so I double checked a bottle, yeah 2018 with a riderless horse :-).
  6. jbertsch

    jbertsch Poo-Bah (1,616) Dec 14, 2008 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    I'll answer my own question in case anyone else is interested. $11 for an 8oz pour. It was delicious and now I feel content not buying a $28 bottle.
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  7. biffinnh

    biffinnh Initiate (20) Feb 13, 2014 New Hampshire

    Also at Hannaford in Bedford across from Outback. Also at Candia First Stoppe, 1 per $28.99
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  8. Jesse14

    Jesse14 Initiate (182) Jul 21, 2011 Massachusetts

    Wasn’t planning on getting a bottle this year but Whole Foods Nashua had it today while doing a routine shop. $22.99 was a decent price too.
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  9. lic217

    lic217 Savant (924) Aug 10, 2010 Connecticut

    I am not sure of price, because i passed and there was not a tag, but southington wine and spirits had a few cases this afternoon.
  10. CTHopman

    CTHopman Initiate (166) Jul 22, 2016 Connecticut

    $29.99. Hard pass.
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  11. vtcraft

    vtcraft Initiate (187) Apr 1, 2013 Vermont

    $22 at both Hannafords and Healthy Living in South Burlington vt. Hard pass but I’m sure it will hang around for a while like last year so might “sneak” one onto the grocery bill at some point
  12. matthewp

    matthewp Aspirant (234) Feb 27, 2015 Massachusetts

    I saw it at Hannafords in Nashua NH last Wednesday and it was gone on Saturday. If I had never had it before I would have bought it or if it was in a 12 oz bottle.

    I would imagine the distributors are sending it out based on volume of sales which is why you see it at super markets now. Its probably also why we see such a discrepancy in price. Places like Hannafords probably are getting it at a much lower price than smaller stores. They are treating this like they would something like Lizard of Koz or some random winter beer. Its bad for the brand since Founder's highest rated beer is now being commoditized. Its also bad for small stores since who is going to buy it at even $25 with a limit of 1 when you can just jump on it at the supermarket at much lower and buy as much as you want?
  13. Justin42

    Justin42 Aspirant (229) Apr 3, 2013 Massachusetts

    It was sold out when I was there on Sunday, but Whole Foods Ink Block had a space for it on the shelf at $25 a bottle, not bad for most of the most expensive parts of Boston.
  14. Jdub2839

    Jdub2839 Aspirant (256) Mar 15, 2014 Florida

    I wish breweries would ditch the 22oz and 750ml to just 12oz bottles for stouts and 16oz cans for IPAs
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  15. Trull

    Trull Devotee (406) Dec 24, 2016 Massachusetts

    29:99 at my local packie, no thanks!
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  16. DanPing

    DanPing Aspirant (228) May 30, 2014 Massachusetts

    Wegmans Chestnut Hill - no limit - $22.99
  17. Auror

    Auror Defender (623) Jan 1, 2010 Massachusetts

    I don't know for sure, but an item like this supermarkets most likely get at the same price as everyone else. They're just able to operate at a much lower margin because most people spend $100-$200 each time they go to a grocery store and everyone has to eat. The margin difference becomes more noticeable when the specific item is more expensive (since it's percentage based).

    Now items that are on sale or most 12 or bigger packs ARE usually bought on deep quantity discount by the supermarkets.

    Founders sells it to them in the first place because the chains sell thousands of cases of All Day IPA and they ask for it. Hard to turn them down when they can just decide not to put All Day on sale for a whole year and Founders volume takes a big hit. I agree that I think it diminishes the brand, but I guess Founders doesn't care about that.
  18. Bierman9

    Bierman9 Poo-Bah (5,544) Dec 20, 2001 New Hampshire
    Society Trader

    Have seen it at The Lazy Dog (Londonderry NH) and Craft Beer (Nashua) for $25 +/- $1... Honestly, though I enjoyed the 1 bottle I had last FEB, I prefer Founder's Better Half for $18 for 48oz myself...

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  19. Manfrombelmonty

    Manfrombelmonty Disciple (397) Sep 12, 2010 Massachusetts

    Absolutely. And for me it goes beyond which beer is better. Value and economics has to feature.

    A 750ml big pricey beer, even if it's a 100 BA rating, just isn't as attractive as a $15 4 pack at a 98, that I can enjoy by myself or toss a bottle to a mate or two.

    CBS at $25+ Is destined to sit on a shelf for me.

    Extending my post and putting this I to context for folks who are $$$ conscious, yesterday I popped by total wine Everett. Saw some bloke grab two bottles of CBS at $26 apiece. $52 for two beers.

    In my hands I found a 12 pack of SN Celebration and a bottle of Epic Big Bad Baptist. $25.

    Just can't be justifying that price
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  20. JrGtr

    JrGtr Devotee (472) Apr 13, 2006 Massachusetts

    I got one this eveining, 5th Avenue Liquors in Framingham. $28.99 (don't tell my wife...) I have a couple other places I theoretically could get more but... I'll pass. Just the one bottle for me.
    5th Ave did have a bunch more on the shelf, if anyone is interested.
  21. AlcahueteJ

    AlcahueteJ Poo-Bah (1,979) Dec 4, 2004 Massachusetts

    Well, it's not really $52 for "two beers" though. It's not a stellar deal, but at that size of a bottle and alcohol percentage it's the equivalent of ~10 standard beers.

    Of course the other way to look at it is that in terms of ounces it is ~4.23 twelve ounce bottles. Making it an absurd $12.29 per 12 oz. bottle. Or a dollar per ounce.

    Can you imagine buying a single 12 oz. bottle of KBS for $12?

    If a random guy like me from the internet has your wife's number and is regularly contacting her, I think you have bigger problems than how much you spend on a bottle of beer.
  22. matthewp

    matthewp Aspirant (234) Feb 27, 2015 Massachusetts

    So do you think the super markets are specifically asking to purchase CBS? Are they asking because they know what CBS is or because they see a special release and they like to showcase a few special releases? I know Hannaford specifically has a weekly rack in the middle of the aisle that has some one-offs or seasonal releases. Trying to understand how knowledgeable we'd guess the buyers at these super markets to be and perhaps the distributor.

    Thought this is a little off topic it does tie into overall pricing discrepancies, so if we assume someone like Hannaford doesn't get a lower price then everyone is playing with margins based on a larger cost model. Hannaford doesn't need to have a large margin on CBS because they are selling you other things and perhaps when you see something like CBS you'll start to look at their other beer. Smaller vendors might need to make up lower margin on other beers by increasing the margin on something like CBS. Does this also tie into larger cost items like kegs? Large stores like Ayotte's will charge just under $70 for something like a Sam Adams keg whereas most smaller stores are charging under $90. So likewise is this just factoring in margin or are the distributors giving other incentives? Not sure if you or someone else that's in the industry can comment but I think its important to understand when we are talking about pricing.
  23. MalKen

    MalKen Initiate (0) Nov 9, 2012 Massachusetts

    Anyone still seeing this in metro west area? Had been busy and didn't realize it was already out. Figured it was going to be Thanksgiving week again.
  24. Auror

    Auror Defender (623) Jan 1, 2010 Massachusetts

    Yeah. They have a corporate beer buyer for each supermarket chain and he'll negotiate with the Founders rep and the distributors for what the whole chain will carry and then authorize certain products for each/certain stores. They can be pretty knowledgeable, but usually they are conservative with their offerings. Supermarkets just want volume, they want stuff that will move. Special releases move, so why aren't more in supermarkets? Because breweries care about where their items are sold, and the perception of ubiquity or commonness can harm the brand in a luxury good market. It's a negotiation between what the grocery store might want and ask for and what the breweries want to sell where.

    Kegs are sometimes sold on quantity deals and sometimes not. Ayotte's is a stateline volume store, so typically they run on lower margins to entice cross-state commerce. Specifically, Ayotte's sells a lot of kegs, so probably gets volume credits from the distributor and buys at the deepest quantity deal where available.

    Supermarkets like Hannaford have low margins on almost everything, not just beer. It's just about pure volume of stuff. (Hypothetical margins) They could make $4.50 on $15 (30% margin), but they'd rather make $5 on $33 (15% margin) from four times as many people. They do negotiate lower prices on most goods to sell even cheaper on top of the low margin, but beer is regulated more than most goods and often require standardized posted quantity discounts with the state that are available to everyone. However, the chains, especially in NH, have enough power to dictate what those quantity discounts will be and they get negotiated in advance to correspond with sales and flyers and the like they have planned. Usually this is for 12 packs and larger. Specialty items like CBS don't usually get discounted.
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  25. thedaveofbeer

    thedaveofbeer Aspirant (293) Mar 25, 2016 Massachusetts

    26.99 in Leominster- I bought one despite the sticker shock-was one of my favorite beers last last year. I also went with a 15 pack of Jack's Abbey House Lager at 17.99 instead of some other more expensive beer to go along with the splurge . I expect to be happy with both purchases.
  26. -Rick

    -Rick Zealot (530) Dec 22, 2014 Massachusetts

    The new Bacon's in Framingham still has some. Also has some BA Ten Fidy on the shelf.
  27. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Initiate (0) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    Is ten fidy good? There's some on the shelves down the street from me
  28. mountaindewORcrabjuice

    mountaindewORcrabjuice Initiate (75) Sep 6, 2017 Connecticut

    Ten Fidy is such a great shelf imperial stout. Great MF and classic notes are pretty big. The BA version is one of my favorite releases of the year. Perfect for me with about a year on those stovepipes but excellent fresh.
  29. JrGtr

    JrGtr Devotee (472) Apr 13, 2006 Massachusetts

    LOL, This is true - though I know a few people IRL from here...

    As I mentioned, as of the other night 5th Ave had some, and I was just over at Wegmans, they have it much cheaper, $22, though you have to ask. I think I saw 3 cases in the cooler when the guy went to get it. (yeah, I said I wasn't going to get any more but...)

    Wait, what? Bacons? in Framingham? When? Where??
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  30. -Rick

    -Rick Zealot (530) Dec 22, 2014 Massachusetts

    On Rt 135 heading into Ashland. It used to be Marathon Liquors. Been up and running for about 6 months now.
  31. matthewp

    matthewp Aspirant (234) Feb 27, 2015 Massachusetts

    Found it when I was looking for BCBS this weekend. After passing on it and saying I wasn't going to buy it I pulled the trigger at $25.99. I passed it by at $21.99 when it first came out but for some reason seeing it again at a higher price was too hard to pass by!!??

    Honestly I wanted to taste it again with a different mindset. The first time I drank it was last year and it was so hyped up that it was hard to judge effectively. Now that being said I had Curmudgeon's Better Half over the weekend and thought it was fantastic. Its also only around $3-4 per 12 oz bottle.
  32. matthewp

    matthewp Aspirant (234) Feb 27, 2015 Massachusetts

    So after trying it again I actually found this to be a really good beer. The first year I had this I thought it was too sweet but drinking the 2018 version I found it to be really enjoyable. Not sure if its different than last year or its just having it a second time without having so many expectations. Not sure how everyone else who bought this beer felt about it.
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  33. Pudgemaster

    Pudgemaster Initiate (0) Jan 6, 2018 Massachusetts

    If anyone is still looking I found my bottle last night at total wines next to the natick mall. They had about 10 on display one per. $26.99.
  34. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Initiate (0) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    Still waiting until Christmas to open mine, can't wait.
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  35. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Initiate (0) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    Update: Had CBS. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Not much maple but it didn't even matter. One of the best stouts I've had for sure.
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  36. parg0

    parg0 Initiate (70) Feb 22, 2018 Massachusetts

    I opened one on Christmas Eve! Glad to hear you enjoyed. It remains one of my favorite stouts even after being lucky enough to enjoy some other heavy hitters this stout season. It's such a delicious blend of chocolate, bourbon, and maple.
  37. lic217

    lic217 Savant (924) Aug 10, 2010 Connecticut

    Total Wine in West Hartford has CBS for $28. They had at least a few bottles.
  38. brutalfarce

    brutalfarce Disciple (351) Mar 23, 2018 Connecticut

    CBS at Costco in Waterbury CT yesterday $20 a bottle
  39. Manfrombelmonty

    Manfrombelmonty Disciple (397) Sep 12, 2010 Massachusetts

    Still plenty of CBS and KBS in Seabrook NH
  40. Justin42

    Justin42 Aspirant (229) Apr 3, 2013 Massachusetts

    Plenty of bottles at Fort Point Market on the back shelf next to the cooler with singles; $~28 I think.
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