Freak Folk Bier (2020)

Discussion in 'New England' started by Borla118, May 18, 2020.

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  1. Borla118

    Borla118 Devotee (322) Nov 9, 2016 Pennsylvania

    Freak Folk Bier
    703 Pine Street
    Burlington, VT 05443

    We do not have our own tasting room yet.

    We occasionally have releases in the Event space provided by Queen City.

    Instagram: freakfolkbier

    "Freak Folk Bier is a small fermentation project based in Burlington, VT. Our focus is on quality driven oak fermented and artfully blended mixed culture beer.

    Freak Folk Bier has been years in the making. Conceptualized by two professional brewers looking to explore their creative instincts and to escape the monotony of the typical brewery lifestyle and mentality. This is our attempt to have complete control over how our beer is brewed, fermented and presented to our local community. Our goal is to remain a humble little company and to grow organically.

    We strive to present world class wild and farmhouse- inspired beer to an ever growing community of beer and wine enthusiasts to share and contemplate."
  2. Borla118

    Borla118 Devotee (322) Nov 9, 2016 Pennsylvania

    I really love all the stuff this place has put out, so I was surprised there wasn't a thread for them. They haven't put out new stuff in a while thanks for covid, but if you follow them on Instagram or Facebook it looks likes a matter of time until they start releasing again and have a bunch of beers in the works.
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    If anyone needs a proxy for their Imaginary Friends membership I can help out.
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