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  1. Hateme99

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    Does anyone know how to tell the og of a beer that you added fruit too, in my case I,have a white ipa with two pineapples and 6 clementines ( with a splash of orange concentrate ) so if the stick says 1.050 what is the real og
  2. VikeMan

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    You need to figure out how much sugar (by weight) and how much water are in the fruit. Then you can calculate the gravity of just the fruit contribution. Then do a weighted avg of the fruit sugar/water gravity points and the original wort gravity points (weighted by volume).

    Or you can figure that there's not much impact, which is often true.
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    Agreed with what VikeMan said, although it's a little hard to tell from the question when the fruit was added. To the extent the fruit is added before fermentation, and is thoroughly mixed into the wort, you can just measure gravity with a hydrometer as you normally would. (A refractometer is potentially a different story because I imagine the sugars contributed by the fruit are different from the mix of sugars produced in a typical mash of grain. However, from your question I infer you are using a hydrometer.)

    If the fruit juice isn't thoroughly mixed in (for instance if you've racked the wort on top of the fruit in the expectation that it will break down and release its juice over time), then your hydrometer could be misdleading.
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    Take some juice from the fruit you're using, measure fermentables, and then do some algebra
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