FT: Affogato, stouts; ISO: list

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    ISO (in order of preference)

    FO (b3) (pick two lines)
    IGCCS (pick two lines)
    IGCCCS (pick two lines)
    MD (b4) (pick one line)
    Atrial (b7) (pick one line with possible + on my end)
    **CLOSED** Sunday Brunch (pick one line)
    Cycle Friday 2017 (pick one with + on your end--yes, I know Friday sucks but need to complete set)


    BA Outside The Lines + Outside The Lines (counts as 1)
    PM Dawn (b2)
    Night & Day (b1)
    Double Pot & Kettle (b1)
    Huna 2016
    Huna 2017
    Last Snow
    Framinghammer 2014 set (Regular, Coffee, Vanilla, Cocoa-Nut, PB&J) (counts as 1)
    Maple Tripple 2013
    AB El Lechedor 2016
    Yellow Belly
    Trillium IPAs (will add as needed)

    Thanks for looking!
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