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    Some combo from below depending on bottles you have:

    Port BA Dark Lord 2013
    Dark Lord 12,13,16,18
    BCBS 15 x10
    BCBS 16 x18
    BCBS 17 x30
    Rare 15 (case)
    Vanilla 18 (case)
    Prop 19 (mult)
    Double Barrel BCBS 19
    BCBBW 14 (mult)
    Main and Mill Straight from Trees 19
    BA Fantastic Voyage 18 (Coconut Maman)
    BA Sump 19
    Maman 18
    Unicorn Tears 19
    BA Vermillion 18
    Funky Wit Cherry 19
    Giant Steps b2 19
    Carondelet Wilderness Refuge 19
    VSOR 19

    BTAC (GTS, THH, WLW, Saz18, ER17)
    PVW (ORVW, Lot B, Rye, 15, 20, 23)
    4RSMBLE 19
    Weller CYPB
    Weller FP SP
    ETL 100
    EHT (Seasoned Wood, Amaranth)
    Bookers Rye
    Open to other limited allocated bourbons as well

    Preference to bigger bottles. Ratios will depend on what bottles you have (bigger bottles will require a lot of beer)
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