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FT: Chocolate Goodness | ISO: List

Discussion in '$4$' started by dogdrule, Feb 20, 2019.

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  1. dogdrule

    dogdrule Initiate (0) Jan 11, 2018 Massachusetts

    $4$, trying to chip away at the ever growing ISO list. Can add with Tree House or Trillium cans


    - Cycle - Tuesday
    - The Veil - Sleeping Forever, AB Sleeping Forever, Never Never Gonnagetit Gonnagetit, Oreo Horns, Espresso Horns, Toast-e-Coilz, Never Never Forever Forever, Lord Whang, Honey Whang, Maple Whang, White Russian Horns, Never Again3
    - Mystic - Macchiato,
    - Backacre
    - Foam - Noise Ordinance
    - Perennial - Vermilion, BA Vermilion, Devils Heart of Gold, Coffee Abraxas,
    - Other Half - Cookie Kooks, BA Snowbirds
    - Jackie O's - DB Black Maple, DB Oil, AB Apparition, Vision is Lost, Wood Ya Honey
    - Drakes - Headzo, Santa's Brass
    - Forager - Pudding Dribbles
    - Aslin - Glamping, San Saba, Firenze, Padrino, Rich Girl
    - Omnipollo - Gideon's Pancake Stack, Bianca Blueberry Maple Pancake, Lorelei, Agamemnon
    - Prairie - Hair of the Dawg, AB Bomb!
    - Hair of the Dog - Doggie Claws, Maja, Don,
    - Barrel Culture - Imp. Blueberry Pie, So Icyy Dbl Maple Black Currant Marshmallow, almost anything else
    - Bottle Logic - Backwards Comp, PCC, JTR, Number Crunch, Fob4, ROI, Sight & Mind
    - Hoppin Frog - Vinnamon Sin, BA Northern Hoser Exposure
    - Dewey - Secret Machine BBR, Secret Machine Raz+Passion,
    - Parish - Maple Shade, Our Cake is a Lie
    - Horus - Proper Dose, Churriosity
    - Moksa - Pastry Method, Indulgence, Grasp of Darkness, Rad Berry Swirl, Immoderation
    - Burley Oak - JREAM Blackberry Cobbler, Fudgey Slippers, JREAM Double Blueberry Cobbler
    - Hudson Valley - Apotheosis
    - The Answer - Stouts, Joose
    - Battery Steele - Marsh Mello Vibes, Lark
    - Troon - Athazagoraphobia, I'm to Blame for the Rain
    - Great Notion - Sticky Buns
    - Crooked Run - Stouts
    - Trillium - Coffee Cake, PB Cups, Pecan Night & Day
    - Idle Hands - Double Crossroader
    - Fox Farm - Avalonia Plum

    IP Greater Boston area or ship
  2. Thrillhouse82

    Thrillhouse82 Zealot (548) Sep 14, 2014 Wisconsin

    Hey just a heads up, AB Bomb (as well as AB Paradise) had infection issues this past release. Probably not worth tracking down.
  3. Beers4Bringas

    Beers4Bringas Initiate (0) Oct 28, 2013 California

    Any interest in BL Ground State/Leche2018?
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Not open for further replies.