FT: Swish, Trillium, Tree House; ISO: Monkish

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  1. buking21

    buking21 Aspirant (265) Jan 21, 2009 Massachusetts


    Bissell Brothers Swish (2/4) (multiples)

    Trillium DDH Melcher (1/23) (multiples), DDH Sleeper (1/17) x2, Heavy Mettle (1/19) x1, Mosaic Cutting Tiles (1/6) x1, PM Dawn x2. Also have Trillbomb, Outside the Lines and BA Outside the Lines, if that's more your bag, baby.
    Tree House Julius (1/27) x1
    Tree House That's What She Said (1/27) x1


    Monkish recent releases: Really Real, Under City Lights, With No Chain, Stampede The Globe, Smarter Than Spock

    Looking to do something like 6:6, preference to more variety.

    Thanks for looking:slight_smile:
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