German Beers in Madison, WI

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    Similar to another thread I posted asking about German Beers in Columbus, OH, I will be passing through the Madison, WI area from the west and north on I-90, during summer of 2020. So, although I enjoy a good IPA, NEIPA and such, I really favor the Bavarian beers but not necessarily the "Bavarian/German style-interpretations" that many places produce. From BA and other sources I have really only identified one spots as promising (partly because Madison has so many brewpubs).

    Capital Brewery, in Middleton, WI (west side Madison) seems to meet some of the criteria but is closes early on Sundays and has no food offerings. Given Wisconsin's German heritage there must be more.
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    Essen Haus in Madison has a fantastic German beer selection, although the food is not all that great anymore. If ou don’t mind a short drive to Roxbury WI (west of Madison, 10 miles or so) the Dorf Haus has plenty of German beer offerings and the food is really good. Friday and Saturday nights are quite busy so there is usually a wait, but it is worth it. It’s old school supper club vibe.
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    Dorf Haus looks very good. Do you know anything about their beer list? I saw some good looking pours in the photos and probably can't go wrong.
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    Last time I was there they had Paulaner, Spaten and Spaten Optimater. Spotted Cow also available since this is Wisconsin! They also serve a wicked brandy old fashioned if you really want the true Wisconsin supper club experience.
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    From a few of the photos I saw on the Google site Dorf Haus appeared to be serving beer styles in the appropriate glasses and in addition to the darks (dunkles or dopplebocks) there appeared to be a good looking kellerbier and I would suspect a hefeweizen.

    A New Glarus Brewing's Spotted Cow would be interesting :slight_smile:
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    Well, if you detour off of 90 onto I-94 east to Milwaukee, you'd have a couple additional choices.

    Delafield Brewhaus brews a couple of German styles. You might want to check reviews to see if you think its even worth the time.

    The Bavarian Bierhaus has pretty good food, and its a nice looking place.

    Von Trier probably has the best draft German beer selection in the city. Nothing necessarily rare, but some delicious options.

    And summertime in Milwaukee means the beer gardens will be open, weather permitting of course.
    I like the Estabrook Park Beer Garden. Very similar to a Munich beer garden. HB-Munich on tap. Limited food options, but as in München, you can bring your own food.

    I also like the setting at the Hubbard Park Beer Garden.

    Here's a more complete list of Milwaukee County beer gardens:

    And if you happen to be in Milwaukee July 24-26, German Fest will be happening. Lots of good German food and music. Surprisingly, not a German beer to be found. However, there is Sprecher flowing at the Sprecher Pavilion. I find the fresh Sprecher Dopple Bock poured at the fest to be much better than the usual German suspects like Salvator or Optimator. Black Bavarian is also delicious. The weiss can be hit or miss.
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    No detour on this trip... but will bookmark this healthy package of good information.

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    Working Draft brews some nice continental styles, with a lot of style-appropriate glassware.
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    Excellent! Before I pour through 11 pages of threads, do you have a spreadsheet post somewhere?
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    No I haven't gone public with it because I haven't finished it yet. It's been a couple months since I even looked at it. I'll be happy to email you with what I've got so far. PM me with an email address if you want it.