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    That sounds like one of my trips. Without fail something goes awry every time we visit Germany. It's one of the reasons I go out of my way to eliminate layovers and try and simplify literally everything. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do, though.
    Glad you made it back and hopefully United will make things right.

    One issue I've had with US carriers in Europe in general is that they don't start the check-in process quickly enough. The crew doesn't typically show up until right at 2-hours prior to departure. Since there aren't that many flights, the ticketing team is usually just the flight crew. If something doesn't line-up (or if the security lines are excessive), there is almost no time to do anything about it. Domestically I'm one of those people that rolls up 3+ hours early, but it has served me well.
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    So for my written portion of the trip report... I probably missed a bunch of stuff, so if any questions or feel like I completely forgot an amazing location, we probably did go but forgot to note it. Tried to keep it condensed as possible.

    In a nutshell, the trip was incredible! Being a huge fan of German beers (both brewing them and drinking!), I could not wait to get to Germany to enjoy them at the source. I always imagined enjoying a Helles in Munich or Kolsch in Cologne. Bucket list stuff.

    This trip was not only an epic beercation for us among other things, but also our first international trip to boot. Being huge into amusement parks, it also included some amazing parks in Germany and in the Netherlands. Seriously, if you enjoy amusement parks don’t miss out on what Germany/Netherlands has to offer. I won’t get into those details given this forum is about beer, but feel free to PM if you have questions! Puts US parks to shame in many ways.

    I will try to keep my trip report here as condensed as possible… Still will be a bit lengthy! Finalized with some final summary notes with some pros/cons from the entire trip as a whole.

    First, we flew into Frankfurt, picked up the rental and drove immediately to Cologne. Our hotel was about a 10 minute walk to the Dom and city center, so we went right there and headed to Gaffel for our first Kolsch! I’ve always loved well done Kolsch, so this was a treat. As good as I had hoped and expected.

    After Gaffel, we enjoyed Kolsch at Muhlen, Gaffel, Paffgen, Peters and Gilden (if not one or two more I forgot) along our two or three days in and around Cologne (Koln or one of the many ways you can spell it…). As far as a favorite, Paffgen might be it. Peters was the most unique due to Vienna or a Biscuit malt used heavily in it, but it was so different from every other Kolsch it almost felt like a different style to me. Still awesome, though, greatly enjoyed them all. No complaints here!

    Cologne in general was great fun. Beautiful city, easy to walk. We didn’t drive or train anywhere, just drove to our amusement park stops outside of the city on the days we did head out. The area along the Rhine was beautiful. Ate some amazing food, as well. White asparagus is incredible, by the way!

    Stopped at Craftbeer Corner and enjoyed a Uerige Doppelsticke. Phenomenal beer! Sticky, chewy raisin and dark fruit. Almost barrel like notes, big complexity. Had a Bitburger or two around town as well, along with various other Pils and beers at the WarPigs Brewpub and Delirium Café.

    After a few days of amusement parks, we headed to Düsseldorf for the day. We enjoyed Alt at Fuchscen, Uerige and Schlosser. Fuchschen was a bit more caramelly, Uerige a bit more roasty. Schlosser was the most neutral, probably the one I liked the best. But honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of Altbier in general. It was good, but Kolsch is the easy winner in my book. Sorry Düsseldorf!

    As far as the city goes, Düsseldorf was similar to Cologne, but a bit more of a edgier/trendy, younger crowd. It was a little bit more dirty (not bad or anything) and more crowded/hectic it seemed. A few hours was good enough for us, next up we headed to Frankfurt for a quick overnight hotel on the way down south to Rust for Europa Park. Of course, enjoyed a few beers along the way at the park (Erdinger Hefe and Doppelbock, O’ Mackays / Guinness at an Irish Pub at the park, Dortmunder Kronen, Menabrea Bionda).

    Then it was time for the motherland about half-way through our trip in Munich. Arrived late evening and our first stop was Paulaner for a Pils, Dunkel and a Hacker-Pschorr Helles. Then we headed to Auustiner for a Lagerbier out of the wooden cask, which was heavenly! Followed up with a Hefeweissbier, Pils and Maibock. That concluded our first night in Munich.

    Back to the hotel for the night, we had a date first thing in the morning at Schneider Brauhaus for Weisswurst and a Tap 7. Weisswurst is heavenly… I will admit though; I wasn’t exactly blown away with the Tap 7 here. Big Hefe fan, but I just didn’t find this one to be as good as I had hoped. I preferred others on the trip more.

    Stopped by Ayinger for a Lager Hell, Pils and Kellerbier. Delicious all around. Made it to the Augustiner Biergarten for a liter of the Lagerbier from the barrel which was stunning. Could drink that beer all day long!

    We decided to head to Paulaner Nockherberg, which is the big fancy location of Paulaner in Munich, which was beautiful. Had a few beers there, along with dinner. Really happy with that call, the food was amazing. White asparagus soup we shared for an app, followed by a pork knuckle for me. Yum!

    Our final day in Munich, we headed to Augustiner-Brau for Edelstoff and a Dunkel. We had walked through Hofbrau on our first night (just to see it, no drinks) but I really wanted to try out the Helles as I have it here in Cleveland pretty often. We found out there was a second location in Munich, Biergarten Hofbraukeller! We made our way there and I got my Hofbrau Original in the Biergarten. Stunning. Honestly, probably one of my favorite Helles outside of the Augustiner from the barrel. Very rich maltiness and complexity, it was just delicious. It may not be the most popular of the big six (likely due to the touristy main location, but come here to enjoy it in a far better atmosphere!), but they can produce killer beer.

    We stopped by a craft beer bar (Frisches) to see what they had… I got a Trumer Pils and the girlfriend got a Moe Hazy Pale from Braukollektiv. It was OK. We had a few various local IPA options along the way, all sub-par compared to what we get in the states, aside from one exception to be noted later.

    We finished off back at Paulaner where I enjoyed a Salvator and Helles, complete with dinner again of course. We did eat at other places, usually splitting a pretzel or sausage plate here and there, but not breaking into that much detail, ha.

    We left Munich and headed for one of our favorite breweries, Weihenstephaner! Grabbed a 1516 Kellerbier, Hefeweissbier and Vitus. Beautiful. The Hefeweissbier beat out the Schneider as well, for what it’s worth! 1516 was great, not quite what I recall from when we got bottles last in the states... But still a fantastic brew. Vitus was a treat, as always.

    We continued on to our final city, Bamberg. Our hotel Nepomuk was right on the river through town, 5min walk from Schlenkerla… So naturally, we bolted off right there!

    I was surprised to find only two beers available, the Marzen and Krausen. I somewhat expected to be able to get their Helles, Smoked Hefe and another one or two possibly as well, but no luck. A bit of a bummer, but the Marzen was delicious. The Krausen was a bit warm and under-carbonated, so one one done for that one. Headed off to Mahr’s Brau for the “aU” and then to Keesmann for a Harren Pils which was incredible. Best Pils of the trip. Reminded me VERY much so of my beloved Prima Pils, just a little less bitter (perhaps the new version will be even closer to this Herren!).

    Stumbled to Spezial for their Lager Rauchbier and Kellerbier, which IMO, the Lager was probably a highlight in Bamberg. Just a tiny bit less rich than the Schlenkerla Marzen, but just as beautiful with the smoke intensity. Had a few of these during our three days in Bamberg! After Spazial, we headed back to Schlenkerla for dinner (stuffed onion!) and another Marzen. Oh, Bamberg, you have my heart.

    Woke up the next day, back to Spezial! This time, to try the Marzen and Weissbier. Both delicious. The Weissbier wasn’t as smokey as I had hoped, but still really nice.

    Headed to Weyermann for our tour and enjoyed a few of their beers on tap afterward! The tour was fantastic, really cool to see where all my delicious malt comes from for my lagers here back at home I brew! Well worth it. Here, we tried a Rauchbier, IPA, Roggenbier and Red Lager.

    Over the next day and a half, more Spaziel, Schlenkerla, Ambrausianum (Their Helles is fantastic!), Greifenklau, Fassla, Keesmann… A highlight was right next to our hotel, Klosterbrau, I believe the oldest in Bamberg. Finally found a Schwarzbier! It was flawless, to boot. Enjoyed every last drop of that (along with their Rauch! Muhahaha). Highly recommended.

    Bamberg was just unreal. As good as we hoped and a highlight city, for sure. So beautiful, clean and easy to navigate just on foot. Would love to get back here, for sure!

    On the way to the airport for our final stop, we went to Brauerie Kundmuller which was 20 minutes outside of Bamberg. The reason? Our local brewery, Fat Head’s, the brew master Matt Cole has gone here and brewed their flagship IPA and DIPA with them and the brewery has it available. Head Hunter and Hop JuJu being favorites of mine, we just had to stop in and see how the German variant was! Grabbed the Hopferla (Head Hunter clone) and a Rauchbier. Hopferla was easily the best IPA of the trip, no contest. Just as good as the one we get here, if not a hair better, but might be due to the location and such But really, it was phenomenal.

    Back at Frankfurt Int’l, the night before our flight was to leave, there was a Paulaner right by our hotel. Naturally, we enjoyed a few beers there and dinner. Then the flight was cancelled that night, so we had our extra day in Frankfurt. We woke up, got our train ticket and headed into town. Long story short, Frankfurt is dirty, creepy and no fun at all. Stopped at the two beer locations recommended that we found online, Naiv and Braustil. Enjoyed a few lambic bottles at Naiv, but the beers on draft were just “meh” and expensive. Braustil had a nice Witbier.

    That concluded our trip before boarding our 777-200 the next morning which was empty, 25 our of 260 seats filled. Amazing flight, worth ‘suffering’ in Frankfurt for that plane ride! Haha. If you can’t tell, we really didn’t like Frankfurt!

    So that concludes my shortened trip report of our trip. Now for some thoughts on the beer/culture as a whole…

    Some general notes:

    1.) The beer is amazing, quality is fantastic everywhere you go. It’s also cheap, which is a plus.

    2.) I enjoy the tipping culture in Germany, just round up to the nearest Euro or throw in an extra buck and you are all set. Not having to do the 15-25% tipping was quite nice!

    3.) I like that servers leave you alone. It was weird at first, as you always have to wave down or catch your server for a check, but once you get used to it, it was quite nice.

    4.) The cities are beautiful (aside from Frankfurt!). People were friendly, smoke good English for the most part. No real issue there!

    5.) The public transportation, utilized a LOT in Munich, was awesome. Could only wish the US had a system as good as theirs!

    Some complaints:

    1.) Lack of water. In the US, you can easily get water everywhere. Not the case in Germany. You buy it, sometimes for as much as 2x as much as the beer! We ended up finding an Aldi and stocking up on tons of water to last our entire trip and taking it with us. But then don’t bring it out, because the serves will often harass you for it or tell you to put it away, like they did in Dusseldorf. Kind of wacky, IMO.

    2.) Cigarette Smoking. This is the biggest gripe of the trip, bar none. It’s disgusting and constant, as well as being everywhere. You can’t escape it. You are constantly battling second hand smoke while trying to enjoy your beautiful beer, inside or out. We walked out of a few places just simply due to the intensity of the smoke inside of it (being carried in from outside). It’s extremely bad, everywhere. I get it’s the culture and all that fun stuff, but damn, so happy the US is the way it is in terms of where smokers can be.

    3.) Air Conditioning, or lack of. Thankfully, our trip had beautiful weather in the 70’s most of the time, but still, even with AC in our rooms and such, they hardly do anything. I sleep hot, so I always have it cool and need a fan. Hardly any AC, no fans. Small gripe though, it just got uncomfortably hot in a few places. I don’t like to be pouring sweat, inside, while enjoying my beer.

    4.) Kind of a known ‘issue’, was variety. As much as I love German beer, after two weeks I was ready for IPA, stouts/porter, sours, etc… I would not be able to drink Kolsch, night after night, year after year. While you get more variety in say Munich of Bamberg, the same thing applies. I guess I really enjoy being here in the US with such amazing variety!

    5.) Service… We really miss sitting up at a bar, chatting to the bartenders and people around us about beer and whatever else. In Germany, that doesn’t really occur. Cultural thing, I guess. We did speak with some people, but overall, groups are far more to themselves and you never really have a chance to chat with the bartenders and staff. Not saying it’s everywhere, but we miss that ‘closeness’ you get here in the US at so many places!

    Final Thoughts:

    We absolutely loved our trip to Germany and will definitely be going back! Amazing beer, beautiful sights and plenty to do. It was great fun.

    As far as the beer goes, while there was some absolute stand-outs, but perhaps I’m spoiled a bit with some of my German-style homebrew and having high caliber places nearby. I don’t think I had a beer while over in Germany that I thought, “Damn, we never get something this good back in the states!”. We do make beer just as good, no question. I’m sure it depends on where you live and such of course, but overall, I don’t have the opinion that you NEED to travel to Germany to have the best “insert style here” you will ever have.

    We are spoiled in the US (most of us), that's for sure! If you are a German beer fan, you need to make the trip some day. Can't wait to go back!

    Pictures to follow in the future once I get them uploaded and sorted!
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    Very nice report. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Like you, I'm wanting to go back to Germany some day, and it's looking like next spring may be it for a few days in Munich, along with time in Italy, Paris and London if all the planning works out.
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    Even in Bamberg? :thinking_face:

    Also, the smaller breweries in the countryside will make you take notice (even though I long for the fresh Dunkel at the Munich HB).
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    Everything was *awesome* in Bamberg, don't get me wrong! Aside from the Rauchbier perhaps which I love (in which I brew quite a few of them), I don't recall anything else that you could only experience in Bamberg. Herren Pils for example, I find it very close to Prima Pils. Schlenkerla we can buy bottles of here, and taste about the same. Out of all the beers, it probably is the Rauchbier that you will have the hardest time finding local in the states of course... Wish more breweries did them!
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    Again, I'll point to the smaller breweries. But I still haven't found as good a Helles or Dunkel as I enjoyed in Bavaria (maybe Urban Chestnut). Taking into account that I've never had your home-brew, of course. :wink:
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    I do love the Hof Dunkel! Agree, it's probably my favorite as well. It's always on point at the local Hofbrau here in Cleveland!

    We did hit the one countryside Brewery in which the collab was done with, their Rauch was killer! As well as their IPA collab. If I wasn't driving, would have loved to try more. But we had one beer a piece to share.
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    Just for future reference, the best Dunkles in the Bamberg area is in Dörfleins, Brauerei Eichhorn. A short bike ride away or you can take a bus. Their other beers are also good but the Dunkles stands out (the best since Brauerei Sippel in Baunach closed)
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    Well that´s a lot of beer...very nice! On a side note Hofbrau Original has solidly established as my favourite helles through these last few years (fresh Augustiner is not that common here though).
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    I consider Hofbrau and Augustiner to be near equals for helles. One trip I'll prefer one and the next trip I'll favor the other.
    I prefer Augustiner's dunkel slightly and Hofbrau's weiss by a country mile, though.
    I'm not really a huge fan of the more earthy weissbiers. Give me massive esters or I'd rather just have a lager.
  11. DiUr

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    Hofbrau's weiss is great, i don´t drink it often but i´ve had '5' experiences with it in the past (sorry if i abuse the term), and it seems to live under the radar. Schneider Tap 1 is also great (so elegant and refreshing, maybe drier), but people seems to give Original all the love. Ayinger Brau Weisse is phenomenal with the right mood also, and maybe my favourite. Of course Weihenstephaner is great, but i don´t see how it is so obviously better than the rest. A bit like it happens with the helles as you mention, it depends on the mood imo.
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    On your next trip look into Brewery Guest Houses -- there's a whole consolidation put together ( Talk about getting to try some stuff you can't find anywhere.
  13. Domingo

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    I think so. I think Weihenstephaner also has the luxury of strong distribution, massive banana esters, and a little bit of romanticism with the "oldest brewery" thing. Apples to apples I don't know if it's my favorite. Mahr's used to brew the best one I've ever had, but they discontinued it. These days I like HB, Andechs, and even good 'ol Paulaner quite a bit. Most of Schneider's line-up heads down the earthier path, although their Tap 1 is closer to my personal preference. I don't think I've had a fresh weissbier from Ayinger...probably ever. I'll have to give one a go in August. A dark horse one I really liked was from Hopf. The Tegernsee hall across from the Weissesbrauhaus serves that one. It's different, but still really good.
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    The local distro has really pushed HB Weizen around here -- I see it on taps all over the place -- and usually at a decent price per-half liter.
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    I forgot Andechs, now that´s bread...Never had any Mahr´s though. Also when you talk about Tegernsee what do you mean exactly? Brewery, place? A friend from Münich told me that was her favourite helles and i came across it once, last year. Pretty nice, reminded me of Augustiner maybe.

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    Update from Berchtesgaden. It’s so bloody beautiful and the weather is too. The local Hofbrauhaus beer is not too shabby with its Helles being way too easy to drink. It’s Jubilee beer is my pick of its bunch.

    Off to Munich/Erding tomorrow. Staying in the Brewery Hotel and we’ll spend a day in Munich on Thursday all being well weather wise probably in the Englischer Garten before spending our last day in Erding Therme where I will act like a child all day while enjoying Erding beer at the same time....perfect way to end a stunningly good holiday in Bavaria.
  17. Domingo

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    The brewery itself is about an hour south of Munich, but they have a bierhall near Marienplatz. It's across the street from the Weissesbrauhaus and a few doors down from Paulaner im Tal.
    They only make lagers (at least they used to), but they serve weissbier from Hopf. Hopf is located in the same region. I've had good and bad beers from Tegernsee. I got potent diacetyl from their bottled hell and the export they were serving at the Hirschgarten tasted sour/off. The beers served at their hall have been good, though.
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    I used that once. We stayed at the Brauerei Post in Nesselwang when we wanted to visit Neuschwanstein.
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  19. spartan1979

    spartan1979 Zealot (565) Dec 29, 2005 Missouri

    Tegernsee is worth a visit if you have time. The brewery sits on the shore of an Alpine lake. It's beautiful and easy to get to. The next time we'll get off a stop early and hike there.

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    I don't recall the beer so much from my one visit to the BHB, but the view from the Biergarten was magnificent (take some pics!). Best view of any Biergarten/Brewery I've visited.
  21. steveh

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    I've been to a few of them -- some to stay in the Gasthaus, some to just stop for a beer. Never been disappointed.
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    View? There wasn’t one. I think you might be getting mixed up unless I missed the view however I was in on each of my 5 nights and didn’t see any views bar the server in dirndl.
  23. steveh

    steveh Poo-Bah (2,276) Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    Hmm. Maybe I'm thinking of another spot -- or maybe the HB has moved? I'll check my resources.

    Place I'm thinking about has a Biergarten with a mountain view.
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    Good luck. It is pretty easy to file a EU261 claim, and I think that the EU261 should be above and beyond what you already received.
    Great write-up on your trip.
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    Tegernsee Brewery is located far south of Munich, but it is a cult favorite in Munich. One hint - order it in a "Willi Becher" instead of a mug. The Willi Becher glass is far superior! Their main tap in Munich is right across from the Schneider Bräuhaus. Since Schneider doesn't produce any bottom fermented beer, you will also get a Tegernseer Helles. Likewise in Tegernsee, if you ask for a Weißbier, you get a Schneider.
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    I just got back from another trip to Germany and I would like to share some excellent Munich recommendations I kindly received from @BayernTrips.

    If you have nice weather, rent bikes at Mike's Bikes Tours/Rentals by Isartor and head south along the Isar with biergarten stops at Menterschwaige and then Flaucher as you come back into town. After you return bikes, an excellent new food option that we found is Zum Stiftl, which is a block away from Schneider on Tal Str. Really good food & HP beers, and it has its own metzgerei that makes a very tasty weisswurst breakfast. Zum Stiftl is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary and it is highly recommended.

    Just east across the Isar from the Deutsches Museum is a fantastic German restaurant: Dinner reservations are a good idea. South of there is Giesinger, and as others have noted, it is well worth a visit for good beers and a unique place and vibe for Munich.

    Also, we stayed in a nice AirBnB apartment close to Wirsthaus in der Au. It would be a good option for anyone traveling with a family who wants to skip a hotel. If anyone wants details, feel free to PM me.

    Thanks again for the pro tips @BayernTrips.
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    So I was curious… Do any of the breweries offer Marzen/Festbier around town before or after Oktoberfest, or is it strictly an Oktoberfest offering?

    Just wondering if you went in say early September or October (before/after the festivities), if you would be able to enjoy those beers?
  28. FrankenBier

    FrankenBier Initiate (180) Feb 4, 2003 California

    I was in Munich one year in late October and one of the Augustiner pubs had their Festbier on tap. it probably depends on how much leftovers there were :slight_smile:

    I would think finding earlier would be less likely as they make a big deal of tapping the first barrels, But that is totally a guess on my part...
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  29. einhorn

    einhorn Aspirant (292) Nov 3, 2005 California

    Are you talking solely about the Munich brewers?
  30. invertalon

    invertalon Crusader (778) Jan 27, 2009 Ohio
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    Yeah, for the most part.


    Great info, thanks! I figure you might catch it around town at various places (if they did have leftovers), was just curious though.
  31. jeebeel

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    Giesinger has a good märzen in the draft lineup at their brauhaus.
  32. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,625) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    For Bamberg, what are some favorite Bierkellers and/or places with great views? I've been to Greifenklau, the Spezial Keller, and the Cafe am Michaelsberg. I know of a couple others like Faessla Keller that are listed on the tourism websites, but I know very little about them.
    Any recommendations or places that are best avoided?
  33. FrankenBier

    FrankenBier Initiate (180) Feb 4, 2003 California

    Wilde Rose Keller (basically next to Spezial Keller but you have to continue up Stephansberg) is well shaded but doesn't have a view. A house Kellerbier (of unknown origins) and Schlenkerla

    Domterrassen (Unterer Kaulberg 36) has a good view of the Dom. In a previous incarnation (Tapas Bar) they had Mönchsambacher on tap. I think they still have it in bottles and Keesmann Pils on tap.

    Fässla Keller doesn't have a view. They used to have the Zwergla (dunkel) on draft in addition to the Pils and Lager. If you like Fässla it's a nice place to sit outside and drink.

    Zum Weinfass (Habergasse 12) is along the old Ludwig canal and has a view of it. Also serves Fässla.

    Of course, Cafe Abseils has a nice garden out back.

    Einhorns Keller (Jakobsberg 8 -- if you go from the Dom to Torschuster, then keep walking you'll come it). It has been renovated recently I'm told but I haven't been there in over 10 years. I think they have Fässla now. I don't remember there being much of a view, but my memory is hazy.
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  34. Domingo

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    This is super helpful! I had no idea how widespread Fässla's beers were.
  35. FrankenBier

    FrankenBier Initiate (180) Feb 4, 2003 California

    Other than Kaiserdom, they probably are the most distributed of the Bamberg breweries (at least locally). That is a problem because I think they often sell more than their brewery can really handle (leading to shorter lagering times). One of my standard bike rides is to Höfen, Freudeneck and Mürsbach. On the way we pass thru Rattlesdorf (about 15km from Bamberg) and there are a couple of Gasthäuser with Fässla signs on them. We always joke about stopping for a beer.

    Maisel had pretty good distribution and when they closed Fässla picked up a lot their accounts.

    BTW, I'll be in Bamberg from August 11 to 30 if anybody is around and wants to meet for a beer...
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  36. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,625) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    My wife and I will be there the weekend of the 16th. Might shoot you a message before we head out.
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    Well... Today we just booked our return to Munich next May! This time, flying in/out of Munich... No plans for a car (unless for a day trip or whatever) and doing all the stuff we didn't get to our trip this summer. The Alps, Castles, Austria and whatever other cities we want to take day trips too. Of course, spending a lot more quality time at all the wonderful breweries

    Here is my question… I know we bought day tickets for the train to get around, but this time since we will be trekking farther distances, is there like a week-long train ticket or anything like that to purchase?

    I don’t see us going beyond say, Bamberg/Nuremberg and like Salzburg in Austria. What is the best option for 10 days of train travel (or like a week or whatever makes sense?).
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  38. herrburgess

    herrburgess Meyvn (1,111) Nov 4, 2009 South Carolina

    there used to be a Bayernticket that would allow travel within that federal state for a discount
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  39. rodndtube

    rodndtube Devotee (434) Feb 24, 2007 Maryland

    I've read that Munich and Germany will be announcing new schedules and tariffs in early-December, but I don't think a lot will change.

    You can purchase daily group passes for the Munich lines and daily group passes for Bavaria (or for any of the German states/provinces). DieBahn were usually show that as an option when you use their ticket/trip planner. This is the good all-around starting point.

    The Bayern planner is also handy:

    The Munich system (MVV):

    Added bonus, the Nurembeg/Bamberg region is the VGN:

    The MVV Munich transit system will take you deep into the outer bands of Munich, and as I recall down into Ayinger and Kloster Andech, and certainly to Freising (Weihenstephaner) and Erding (Erdinger), in addition to the Munich international airport.

    The beauty of the Bayern Ticket is that it not only covers Munich local transit and the DB trains, it covers the local transit in the towns/cities throughout Bavaria, e.g., Nuremberg and Bamberg. The Bayern (Lander) ticket does not cover the Intercity Express and other high speed transit lines, e.g., the IC/ICE. Also, during the week, the ticket is good for travel only after 9am. The ticket is also good for travel to/from Salzburg.

    Kelheim is a decent destination but check the itineraries as the trip can sometimes be time consuming... but the rewards are great in Weltenburger (via short boat ride) and Schneiderweiss. Regensburg has those great little sausages plus a great brewery house,
    Brauereigaststätte Kneitinger, which in my mind has the best dunkel around, plus their other dark beers, and good good to boot.

    Dig a little bit into the websites to learn more about ticket varieties and areas covered. For example, in Bamberg we like riding the bus from the main train station to the Klosterbräu Bamberg, and walking our way back, maybe even the long walk to Mahr Brau (or ride the bus from around Spezial and then the night bus from Mahr to the main station).

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  40. FrankenBier

    FrankenBier Initiate (180) Feb 4, 2003 California

    If you were basing yourself in Bamberg (or Nürnberg or any other town in the VGN region) you can buy weekly and monthly passes (called a MobiCard) that let you travel in the whole region (with the exception, like the Bayern Ticket, not on IC/ICE) Some are solo and some are good for two people. Lots of friends have done that, staying in Bamberg and riding trains/buses out to various breweries.

    Don't know the Munich system as well to know if they have something similar.