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    next weekend with 2 kids under 5. Going to the Aquarium on Sunday & Science Center on Monday & each day will be ready for a beer. Any recommendation where we can bring the children ? I remember hearing about a brewery that had free video games ? Thanks
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    Amsterdam is right next to Aquarium, very kid friendly. I've taken my young teens to Bar Hop, and they were fine, but it's maybe a big less comfortable for really young kids?

    Indie Alehouse is also very kid friendly, my son still talks about MacNcheese he had there years ago.

    Craft Brasseries, Craft Beer Market, any of those big spots would be fine. I've also taken my kids many times to C'est What?
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    Check there brewery map for the best and most up to date if breweries through out the province.

    Enjoy Toronto!
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