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Discussion in 'Northwest' started by maltmaster420, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. ChugChugPass

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    That kind of thing can certainly backfire; they'll make more money in the short term but they will probably take a reputation hit. It's likely going to include several items, and likely to not be cheap.

    Not something I personally get upset about; but I do also buy brewery merch quite often.
  2. distantmantra

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    Purposely stuffing merch with an item to increase the price of said item that you can’t get any other way is shitty. They have the right do so but I still have the right to think it’s shitty.

    I also don’t even like Double Stack so what do I know.
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    It happens a lot in music... buy this tshirt or concert ticket or whatever and get a free album! I mean buy the album and get a free ticket! Or whatever! But either way it counts towards 'album sales' for plaques and sales records and the like!
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  4. John_M

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    The usual Friday update, albeit a tad late this week (it was just sent out by GN a little over an hour ago).

    Happy Friday Y’all! Hope you survived the cold spell… although we don’t think it’ll be our last one. On the other hand, stout season has kicked off on full force to keep us all warm and cozy! Make sure to head to Alberta to try some on tap or even pick up a crowler of PB&J! 3 Notions coming at ya:


    Sat. Can Release
    December 8th

    Sticky Bun - Brewed in collaboration with @thefullpint, this Imperial Breakfast Stout was inspired by one of our favorite desserts. SB was brewed with melted brown sugar, cinnamon and toasted pecans. *Allergy note: contains nuts & cinnamon

    Luminous - The dry-hop and fruit varieties change, but the base beer remains the same. Luminous was fermented with Lactobacillus, our house yeast and boatloads of Oregon strawberries. The malted oats, milk sugar & vanilla beans make for a truly enlightening experience! Side note: Luminous 04 will go on draft very shortly at Alberta :wink:

    Info here


    Draft at Alberta

    Right now you can find a ‘damn that taplist is fiiiiiiiiiine’ set of beers at Alberta with everything from stouts to hazy IPAs to fruited IPAs to brut IPAs to pilsners to sours and everything in between. Our good homies at Highland Park in LA were super nice to send some of their beloved funky, wild and sour kegs up to us also, so please come and kick them this weekend as well!

    See beer list here


    Community Support

    Come on out this Tuesday night, December 11th where starting at 4 pm we are helping raise funds for Jefferson High School in North Portland to rebuild their theatre department. It’s been many years since they’ve had any classes or performances and they want to make theatre accessible to everyone in the community.

    More info here
  5. distantmantra

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    Both Chucks locations got tons of Guava Mochi, Luminous (the new one released today in PDX) and Double Stack cans. They’re a bit spendy but available if you want them.
  6. John_M

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    How spendy are they up your way? Even down here, ds is $22 a 4 pack. So not cheap.
  7. distantmantra

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    I think Double Stack was $27 or $28 for a four pack. I just bought single cans of Luminous and Guava Mochi.
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