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Discussion in 'South' started by camcjohnson, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. camcjohnson

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'll be spending a day in Greenville for the upcoming holiday and was wondering if there were any must stop breweries and or beer bars to hit while I'm there. Birds Fly South Ale Project has caught my attention but I wanted to know about any under the radar gems. Thanks for any and all recommendations.

  2. tomlinh

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    I'd say that Birds Fly South is the standout brewery in the area. Depending on your tastes it might be worth checking out the tap lists at Quest Brewing, The Eight State Brewing, and maybe Thomas Creek. The Tennessee brewery Yee-Haw has also opened a taproom downtown. I've not been yet, but Fireforge is one of the newer breweries downtown.

    The Community Tap, Barley's Taproom, and if you like Belgians the Trappe Door are good bar options with different vibes.

    Also, of note is the bottleshop Greenville Beer Exchange. They do pours for onsite consumption of the 18ish beers on tap for growler fills. They're also throwing some special beers on tap for Black Friday, such as Mexican Cake and CBS.