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  1. TheEdmund

    TheEdmund Initiate (0) Feb 3, 2015 Massachusetts

    Hey All,

    Heading to Nashville for a few days and was wondering what breweries to visit. Big fan of the New England style IPA'S AND DIPA'S.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. IMFletcher

    IMFletcher Defender (609) May 2, 2014 Kentucky

    Southern Grist and Bearded Iris.
  3. imyourhero21

    imyourhero21 Devotee (461) Oct 9, 2011 California

    As mentioned above Southern grist and bearded iris for sure, also New heights is doing good stuff as well. If you like sours, Yazoo is a must for the Embrace the Funk beers.
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  4. Nephew11

    Nephew11 Initiate (18) Nov 27, 2016 Illinois

    Hey guys I’m gonna piggy back of this thread. I’ll be in for the 4th and 5th with kids. I’ll be hitting up southern grist and bearded iris for sure (kid friendly?) Was looking for more specifically what may be out those days I can grab to go or have on tap. Also any non touristy food recommendations (breakfast/lunch/dinner/coffee/sweets).
  5. JRaffTX

    JRaffTX Initiate (53) Jan 24, 2018 Texas

    I haven't been in this scene long, but sorry, for NEIPAs I do NOT recommend Southern Grist They seem to be into adding flavor extracts to their beers which isn't my cup of tea. Yes, Bearded Iris for NEIPAs, they literally only do that as far as I can tell and get a lot of love with beer traders. No to Yazoo for NEIPA too. I like Yazoo, but not for NEIPAs. Blackstone and TN Brew Works make better overall IPAs (and beers in general so far in my journey). Just answering in the context of the IPAs request. I think New Heights makes 1 NEIPA, which is solid...but I really think they make good big boyz, even though that wasn't your question. Just my 2 cents.
  6. lightman1

    lightman1 Initiate (74) Oct 19, 2013 Arkansas

    You might want to check out The Flying Saucer in Nashville. Its a bar, not a brewery, but has a large tap list and is worth the visit.
  7. imyourhero21

    imyourhero21 Devotee (461) Oct 9, 2011 California

    Both allow kids though i would say Grist is the more family friendly of the two. Both are, but typically BI is playing rap music which some parents might not want their kids hearing with all the swearing and such. If you look at both of their websites it will tell you what cans are available to go and whats on tap as well, both very accurate . Hopefully the passion fruit guava gose hill cans last till the 4th for you to grab at Grist, they are very good. Same thing with the new mood ring BI released friday. Grist has food at both locations, but the west side is better for food. Food wise alot of places will be closed for the 4th, but it depends on what you want. Coffee places i rec are 8th and Roast, Crema, Sump or Steadfast.
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  8. jdhops

    jdhops Initiate (105) Dec 30, 2011 Tennessee

    Highly recommend Southern Grist for NEIPAs. Hoppy Timbs (cans and draft) and Mixed Greens (draft) are available now. Neither has "flavor extracts" added.
  9. Ace99890

    Ace99890 Initiate (199) Dec 3, 2013 Illinois

    Came in town and I have to say this is correct. Went to both Southern Grist and Bearded Iris..my only complaint about bearded iris was taplist was small...grist had 17 beers on tap. I think quality was better at Bearded Iris but The variety was fantastic at southern Grist. Both were excellent
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  10. bkbergen

    bkbergen Initiate (141) Jan 5, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Driving down from Philadelphia on Friday 9/28. Want to hit Yazoo and Bearded Iris to get cans and possibly Midtown Wine and Spirits to pick up some local stuff.

    WE are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Nashville Vanderbilt. Any other places I should try to get beer from?
  11. dscott421

    dscott421 Initiate (67) Jun 13, 2013 Kentucky

    Craft brewed on 8th
  12. typetrance

    typetrance Initiate (72) May 4, 2010 Tennessee

    SG location on the west side is super family friendly. They have a hot chicken food truck as well if you’re into that. I personally don’t take my kid to BI. Although they do have a nice outdoor patio that could work for your during the day.
    12th South Taproom is family friendly with a semi decent taplist.
  13. typetrance

    typetrance Initiate (72) May 4, 2010 Tennessee

    Midtown Wine & Spirits in Church street is not far from your hotel.
  14. jeremyf

    jeremyf Initiate (34) Apr 14, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Philly fans are about to invade Nashville next weekend. I expect to see many at Bearded Iris and Southern Grist. Go Birds!
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  15. bkbergen

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    Driving down and plan on bring a trunk load back with me.
  16. donspublic

    donspublic Poo-Bah (1,555) Aug 4, 2014 Texas
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    Thoroughly enjoyed Nashville when I was there over the Labor day weekend. Yazoo had great sours, Tennessee brewing had a great vibe, music and solid beer (and wine for my wife), but Southern Grist was probably the best brewery we visited. Every beer was solid. We passed on Bearded Iris (had a few of their beers around town) because the tap list was pretty much all IPA's. Hands down the best meal was at Rolf & Daughters. We spent most of the weekend giving my daughter shit about that place and then went and was blown away. Had a great time in Nashville, look forward to going back one day. Best quote of the weekend from an Uber driver "You will see minimum of 30+ bachelorette parties here every weekend", we counted 27. Y'all have fun