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  1. neelonjm

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    Just a follow up to my previous posts, I'm not sure I'll have the time to head to both Bearded Iris and Southern Grist. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a good restaurant that would have both of those on tap? I'll be solo on a work trip, so even sitting at a bar and eating would be cool with me (and even preferable). Thanks in advance!
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    You'll struggle to find a decent showing from either of these breweries at restaurants around town on draft. Craft Brewed usually has 1-2 from each on. Their list is on untappd. Not really a restaurant though, they do have some very limited food options. One of the Filling Stations may have beers from both on, but again, not many. Their lists are usually updated on BeerMenus. Not restaurants, either.

    In general, there is a lot of Bearded Iris Homestyle floating around in restaurants in the city. Anything beyond that seems a rare citing, and I legitimately cannot recall ever seeing SG on anywhere except the aforementioned beer bars.

    If you are low on time, I'd recommend this course of action: Head over to SG Nations for a flight, run by 51st Deli and grab some food to go, and drive back to Bearded Iris (or run by your hotel and Uber) to sample there. They don't do flights/tasters, but do half pours.
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    I saw this same thing when there last fall, didn't want to post for fear of not researching good enough, but some of the other breweries have a way better showing like Yazoo and such. Homestyle is easily attainable at most places, but saw very little on tap from Southern Grist at the restaurants we went to
  4. neelonjm

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    Awesome, thanks for the tips! That's probably the route I'll take then. I also need to make some time for Peg Leg Porker, I really love dry ribs and heard they've got some great ones. Is Yazoo worth checking out since I'll be right there? I love sours and read that theirs are great, but it looks like they've only got 2-3 on tap right now. I'm not sure if it's worth it to spend time there for just those.
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    They only will have 2-3 on at a time of the sours, they are worth it and literally 500 feet from Peg Leg.
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    Peg Leg also has the best mac and cheese I have ever had. You will likely have some great sours at SG too, FYI.
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    If you are in East Nashville or by the airport I recommend Uncle Bud's - lots of good food for little $$. But if you're not into catfish and chicken, across the street is Homegrown with a nice taplist of local brews: https://homegrownnashville.com/menu/
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    You could check you the new Jackalope taproom called The Ranch, and hit up Hemingway's Bar & Hideaway across the street from it. Really liked Hemingway's, they have a lot of great food.

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  9. ZAP

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    I've got a friend who will be staying less than a mile from Midtown Corkdocks wine, spirits, beer this weekend..

    I need to get her a list of some cans or bottles she can bring back for me. I have no idea what will be available in the store there and they don't list much on their facebook page. From the sounds of this thread Southern Grist and Bearded Iris are well thought of for IPA's. Would one expect to see those at a place like that?

    Also looking for some other beers exclusive to the area. Enjoy all styles except sours so pretty much open to anything other than that. Any particular breweries to have her focus on that would be available at this place other than the two I mentioned earlier?

    Thanks for any help anyone can lend.
  10. mayorQuimby

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    She'll only be 5-10 min from both SG Nations and Bearded Iris. Best served to hit the source for what's current vs. what may or may not be at the liquor store.
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  11. AmeriCanadian

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    I agree with Mayor Quimby that picking up 4-packs at BI or SG Nations is the best bet for freshness, variety, and special releases that don't make it to liquor stores. But Midtown typically has a healthy stock of beers from both brewers and there should be plenty of options that are quite fresh. For BI it's all about the IPAs/IIPAs. I was at Midtown yesterday and they have plenty of Homestyle, Tunnel Vision, and Double Scatterbrain, along with a couple one-offs. SG produces a wider variety of beers than BI, so while they certainly have some hoppy options (Mixed Greens is their staple hazy IPA) most of their beers are sours and crazy combinations of beer styles and adjuncts. Based on what I saw available at Midtown, I'd recommend going with Copra Kai (maple- and vanilla-infused stout that is quite good). I, personally, don't think their IPAs are as good as BI's, but they have a few different hoppy, non-funky beers available at Midtown. You need to be a little more careful with the age on the SG beers vs. the BI beers, in my experience.

    As for other locals to consider, I think New Heights does some great stuff, in particular (if you're a stout drink) Naval Gazer. There will definitely be cans of that at Midtown and it's an exceptional beer. Smith & Lentz is high quality, as well. There are plenty of other local beers in stock at Midtown (Mantra, Yazoo, Jackalope, Tailgate, Fat Bottom, HonkyTonk, Turtle Anarchy, Black Abbey, Czann's, etc), but in my opinion if you want a sampling of the best Nashville has to offer, BI, SG, New Heights, and S&L (and Yazoo's Embrace the Funk brand, but you said you aren't into that genre) will cover everything you're looking for.
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  12. ZAP

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    Awesome. Thanks for the great ideas. I'll look into those other breweries as well. I gave her $100 to spend so need to figure out a plan. Looks like definitely BI IPA's and perhaps that maple-vanilla stout from SG.
  13. ZAP

    ZAP Poo-Bah (3,795) Dec 1, 2001 Minnesota

    I won't secure the cargo until this weekend but it sounds like a successful venture. I'll let you know what I ended up getting when I get it all in my hands. Thanks again everyone for the help.
  14. Jasonja1474

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    Let us know what you score. For what it’s worth here in Knoxville I like to visit bottle shops since the let me mix and match BI and SG where as the our local breweries only sell the 4pks of the same beer. But when I’m sending a box to someone I like to send various options and it’s a lot cheaper to purchase one 4pk of 4 different beers.‍♂️
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  15. ZAP

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    Ok. Here is what I came away with. Four packs of the following. I've tried one of each and liked them all to varying degrees. More detailed reviews to come. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

    SG Noise Polution
    SG Navigating Nothings
    SG DD Mixed Greens
    SG Copra Kai
    BI Homestyle
    New Heights Navel Gazer
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  16. Jasonja1474

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    Nice haul!!! I love all those. Probably Homestyle is my favorite and most go to.