Heading to Nashville

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  1. Justin42

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    We had an awesome and delicious weekend, thank you all for the great suggestions. Friday night we had dinner at Chauhan Ale & Masala house; not a big beer program but the food was great. Grabbed a drink after dinner at the Filling Station, fun little spot and lots of great options. Saturday we had lunch at Butchertown in Germantown, great bbq and solid tap list. After that headed over to Bearded Iris, they do half pours for $3-4, which is a bargain for someone used to Boston prices! Everything was delicious, some of the best NEIPAs I've had outside of, well, New England (and NY). Highly recommended. Grabbed some beers at Craft Brewed before dinner on Sunday, tons of great options there as well. Can't wait to go back!
  2. imtroy703

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    I could get their within 15 minutes.

    Saturday's "half-off beer" is at Honky Tonk from 1:00-6:00
    Sunday's half off is Blackstone
  3. SmittyinUpstate

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    Half off? Excellent!

  4. mayorQuimby

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    While BI will not disappoint on the hops side, you'd be doing yourself a disservice in not at minimum equally prioritizing a visit to Southern Grist as well.

    Edit: And while BI does 1/2 pours (8oz) of everything, which is great, SG does 5oz pours of everything, which is even better from a sampling perspective.
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    I hear ya, but trip is the wife's birthday gift so I'm only getting one brewery to drink at this go around, and I love the juice. Rest of trip is for her. Happy wife, happy life.
  6. mayorQuimby

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    Where are you planning on a special dinner? Because if it is in Germantown (think City House, Rolf & Daughters, 5th and Taylor), you can parlay that into a visit to BI beforehand for an hour to grab *drinks. Then you could use your specified brewery time at SG :sunglasses: that doubled fruited vanilla black currant boysenberry Hill is something to behold...either way, enjoy!
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    Also heading to Nashville Sunday. Any of these places have NFL? Bonus for hot wings!
  8. imyourhero21

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    Grist has tvs, no wings though. BI does not have tvs sadly.
  9. imtroy703

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    Tailgate Brewing has both football and wings (they are better known for their pizza). The Tailgate in East Nash has only a few TVs. Their Downtown location has more TVs and is a bigger place.
  10. SmittyinUpstate

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    Had a great time in the city. Enjoyed some good beers at BI, met up with @imtroy703 for a few, had some Peg Leg ribs. Will def be back to try out some more places.
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    Hey All,

    Im heading off to Adelaide next week and staying at the folks place in Wilunga. Now obviously being right next to Old Wilunga Hill Road I would love to get out there and do a few repeats or just ride around this area/McLaren vale/Aldinga. I cant bring my own bike, so wondering if theres a good shop around I can hire a road bike. I can bring my own shoes and my pedals if necessary. Just looking for some recommendations of rides in the area other than this classic hill and good shop to hire from.

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    Ma'am, this is a Wendy's
  13. MonkeyBread

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    BI doing half pours at 8oz is kind of odd. Super rare for a brewery to do in my experience. If you don’t want to have staff laboring over flights nonstop just do what many busy places do and limit to two 5oz / 4oz pours per order. Pretty simple and keeps it moving along. As someone who often is sampling solo having to grind through a 8oz pour vs 4 or 5oz is a challenging difference.

    Anyway not to be all negative, we strangely have been getting regular Bearded Iris cans in Las Vegas for most of this year. Not sure who distributor is, perhaps Shelton Brothers. Very good stuff. Most amazing part has been their hazies have a very nice shelf life. I drank a two month old Tunnel Vision DDH Citra I had accidentally forgotten about in back of fridge. It held up incredibly well and still tasted great. Probably will be visiting Nashville in November for work, thanks for this thread being an excellent resource!
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    How can we convert her to love beer?