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    Any suggestions on where we should go to get some good local brew? I'm not for or against the haze-craze beers, but I want some diversity. Also, not big into the wine cooler beers (eg cookie dough, keylime pie), but do like a good IPA, hefe or gose. Hey, but I'm not the only one in the group, so please bring-on the suggestions. Maybe not for this thread, but we're thinking about going into Virginia too.
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    Yee-Haw in Johnson City is the big dog in the area. All their beers are good, especially the Dunkel. JRH and Johnson City Brewing also have solid offerings. Depot Street Brewing in Jonesborough and Studio Brew in Bristol aren't bad either.

    On the taproom/retail side, Atlantic Ale House and Barley Waters, both in Johnson City, are awesome taprooms. Barley Waters also sells beer to go. Libation Station on the north side of Johnson City is by far the best bottle shop in the area.
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    Really helpful! Thanks!