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    I am not a beer drinker however my boyfriend is and for Christmas I want to get him a home brewing kit.. He isn't a huge fan of ipa beers he is more into yuengling and that type so my questions are. What is the best home brewing kit? And what is the closest mix to yuengling or not such a hoppy beer?
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    Since Christmas is not right around the corner, I'd recommend getting him a copy of "How to Brew" in the meantime. If he reads that, he'll be able to advise you about what to get him that will meet his needs/preferences.

    Yuengling, assuming you mean Yuengling Lager, is, well, a lager. Lagers are not generally recommended for beginners, because they require equipment (and knowledge) for maintaining low lager fermentation temperatures and even lower lagering temperatures. But an Amber Ale recipe might be the way to go.
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    @VikeMan has a very good recommendation with getting the How To Brew book, and to consider an Amber Ale recipe kit. However, an earlier version of that book is available online at HowToBrew.com and it may be informative for you to read the section of it about equipment to help in your decision (Assuming you are keeping this purchase from him as a surprise present.)

    Something as innocuous your living arrangements (apartment vs. house) can enter into what type of equipment you get because trying to brew a 5-gallon batch of beer on an electric range presents some issues to try to overcome so that you may be forced into brewing smaller batches. If you live in a house and can go outside to brew on an LP gas burner arrangement is the popular way to homebrew beer. So think about your logistics when considering the equipment to purchase and while reading the book.

    A second major decision to consider is whether you think he will want to get started by brewing 'extract' beers or to use the 'all grain' method. How To Brew will explain that, but it's something for you to consider too. Using the all-grain method requires additional equipment and takes more time on a brewing day. Brewing the extract method is kind of like brewing with training wheels, and most homebrewers start there. The same equipment that you choose for the extract method is also used for brewing the all-grain method, it's just that extra equipment needs to be purchased that goes beyond the basic equipment if the all-grain brewing method is chosen.

    It's difficult to recommend to someone what kind of equipment you should purchase when you might have space or cooking limitations, or even to consider busting your budget not knowing whether your boyfriend will really get into enjoying this homebrewing hobby.

    Do you have a local homebrew supply store? Those stores can be a good source of help to you, but some aren't as good as they should be. If you have one close by you can look it up in the Places feature of this site to see what others think about it, or if it's not listed you can mention here the store's name and someone may be able to comment how helpful the employees might be.
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  4. Hendimom

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    I don't want him knowing what I'm getting him I'm just trying to do some research on what is the best to buy
  5. Hendimom

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    Just trying to do some research I know Christmas is a ways away but I want to know that what I'm buying is worth it
  6. Hendimom

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    Thank you very helpful and much needed insight to this we live way out in the country with plenty of space to brew but I'm definitely going to keep researching I have plenty of time thank you again
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    If your boyfriend is the committed type, I'd say get this kit. It comes with pretty much everything he needs except temperature control for fermenting or serving from the keg. It also includes the book How to Brew. If you do get this... get the 10 gallon mash tun. Do not get the 5 gallon, there will be disappointment later if you do.

    If you want to get him a less expensive kit as a novelty, or just something for him to try out, I would recommend something like this.

    In either case, if you do get something and he does make beer, I recommend you google swamp cooler home brew. Fermentation temperatures are pretty important. Some people are lucky enough to have cold basements or cold rooms that they can ferment beer in. I am not so lucky.
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    I like both the kits posted above, but for a brand new brewer kegging isn't necessary. After a year of deciding whether brewing is his thing, kegging is the way to go, but that's an upgrade that can wait. I'd go with a starter kit from morebeer.com or the one from Northern Brewer above
    One thing to avoid is something like Mr. Beer. Although you can make decent beer(so I've read) extract brewing is a foolproof way to learn brewing techniques and he can build on that knowledge as he progresses.
    If you are so lucky to have a homebrew shop nearby visit them and get some ideas, they will be anxious to help so they can get another long term customer hooked.
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