Homebrewing with Muscle Memory

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    Scaling up a batch of Wry Smile Rye Pale Ale from 5 to 10 gallons tests a skilled homebrewer’s patience—and his muscle memory.

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    I'm a novice extract homebrewer (3 brews now under my belt), and although each time has become more a little more comfortable to me overall, there is always a new problem that is encountered during a new batch to throw you off a little from going completely smooth through the process without any hiccups. Although some anxiety is still there, the one cool think about home brewing, is that it keeps your brain sharp as you have to think fast on your feet to come up with a solution to a problem as you trying to make the best beer batch possible. It's a fun hobby if you enjoy beer, have the time and are a person who likes to tinker and enjoys problem solving and achieving goals. Don't expect to save money however.
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    Anytime I change a piece of equipment, shenanigans ensue. My wife picked up a chugger pump for me, and I really struggled to fit it into my system. I didn't like it for vorlauf or running off my mash tun, it seemed to be over kill for use on my hlt. I struggled with priming the damn thing, and spilled stick wort on my garage floor on more than one occasion. I settled on using it for whirlpooling my IPAs. :flushed:
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