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    Hi all,
    I noticed a lack of information about beer in Hong Kong and China, I'm here to guide you.

    In 2010, there was 1 or 2 breweries in HK, now there are a ton (35+). In this short amount of time the market has exploded and is most likely saturated the niche but growing market. I could take this post multiple ways but I'm going to list my favorites with the closest MTR (subway) stop, what they offer, and (#) of beers on tap. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, only a guide to success. As details keep changing, please Google these places before your trip! And if you're going to China, make sure you can access this info without Google's help.

    Hong Kong- Island
    • Hong Kong Island Taphouse in Tin Hau - Biggest selection of HK beers on tap (41)
    • Second Draft in Tin Hau - Great fusion food, nice selection of beers, walking distance from Island Taphouse (25)
    • Young Master (YM) brewery in Wang Chuk Hang - No legal consumption on site, you can purchase crowlers/growlers to-go (10)
    • Alvy's pizza (YM affiliated) in Kennedy Town - Great pizza, good beer (12)
    • HK Brewcraft in Central - Bottle shop and homebrew store (0)
    • The Beer Bay in Hong Kong (station) - If it's a nice cool night, go down to the Central harbor to pier 3 &4 and bring your cash because that's all they accept. In 2012, I was happy to see a Brooklyn IPA here but the selection has improved with time. Now it's a bit crowded but if you like to sit outside next to the harbor with a good beer (or cocktail) this is the place to be. (6?)
    • The Globe in Central - If you like British pubs, this is your place. Not my favorite but an obligatory inclusion. (14)
    Hong Kong- Kowloon
    • TAP The Ale Project in Mongkok East - One of the original craft beer bars in HK. It gets extremely popular and is small, so you may not get a seat. They have an amazing grilled cheese sandwich (Quadruple Happiness). (18)
    • Madhouse in Mongkok East - Not as popular as TAP but within walking distance from it. Beer is slightly cheaper and just as good. If TAP is busy, this is your next stop!
    • Moonzen brewery in Kwun Tong - If you're free on a Friday night from 6-10pm, go to the brewery for an unlimited tasting, one of the best deals you can find. Also, bring your own food.
    • The Bottle Shop in Sai Kung - Grab a bus, there's no subway stop here. As the name implies, it's a bottle shop. If you find yourself wanting a day at the beach and don't want to lug the beer from far away, this is the stop to make. (0)
    Beijing - No doubt about it, go to 京A (Jing A). Best beer, food, and service out of any other stop. Pro tip: Stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Dongzhimen. It's a 1-minute walk from 京A, not far from the train to the Airport (Dongzhimen station), and if you still want to try other breweries you can easily reach Sanlitun (an area with Great Leap Brewery and Slow Boat).

    Shanghai- Daga (60) for atmosphere and World of Beer (41) if you're into sports

    Xian- Near Wall Bar. Nice location with craft beer.

    Changsha- Yo Hustler! Great beer selection, go to the bottle shop over the taproom. But... why are you in Changsha?

    Chengdu- Beer Nest and Hugo are great but if you only want one stop, go to Wild West Taproom in Jinli.

    Shenzhen- Pico and Bionic Brew are right next to each other and make some good beer; the owners are active with the homebrewers.

    Xiamen- Fat Fat Beer Horse. I've not been here yet but I've had the beer and it's very good.

    Taiwan- Taihu. Again, I've not been to a location but this is the best beer Taiwan is making.
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    Any idea about northwesterb China ie Gansu, Xinjiang provinces? I'll be in the major cities of those next year.
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    I've not been up that way yet. My guess is that you'll be hard-pressed to find any craft beer in the majority Muslim province of Xinjiang. If you're going to Lanzhou, check out Rhino Craft Beer (犀牛精酿) at 819 Gan Nan Road (甘南路819号).

    If you find any other spots, please post some details/pictures!
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    This is the information that I need since Hong Kong is in my travel list next year. I will drop by in all the bars listed in your list.
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    The Northwest is the last frontier in China for their craft beer revolution, so you're not going to find much in the way of local craft beer at the moment. Lanzhou has no local craft brewer. Rhino is a pub. Xining has Kun Lun and Sanbei Zhan 三杯盏, as well as a Shangri-La beer hall. There's a Paulaner Bräuhaus in Yinchuan. In Ürümqi, there's Nanshan Brewing whose beer can be found at BeerPlus, the Shanghai-based beer retailer who just opened a store there last month.
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    My current count for craft breweries in Hong Kong is 37, give or take a couple. You won't go wrong with the recommendations from @Louiej. I would also suggest doing some hiking when there. For beer nerds, the Dragon's Back Trail to Big Wave Bay is the route to take. Bring Hong Kong Beer Co.'s eponymous beers to enjoy in situ.
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    Will visit Hong Kong this weekend, thanks for the information. Will report back once I get back :slight_smile:
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    I’ve visited the guys at black kite breeding a few times, also worth checking out, though they are off the beaten path to be sure.
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    The Wild West taproom in Jinli is currently closed (undergoing renovations). They have a smaller location open on Yulin middle road. 10-15 taps with can/growler fills. My wife and I went there each night we were in Chengdu.