Hoof Hearted Brewing (2019)

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    Hoof Hearted Brewing

    For newcomers (aka FAQ):
    Hoof Hearted has two locations (Marengo and Columbus, OH). The Marengo location is where many canning events occur. Events are usually announced via Facebook on Mondays and occur on the following Sunday. Details on allotments and price vary per release. Growler and Draft are both options at these releases and do not require a ticket. Food is often available through a food truck. The Marengo location is open 12-5 Sa/Su. Draft/can list available here. Preorder tickets can secure a can allotment and/or specialty crowlers. However, tickets are not required (as of Jan 2019).

    The Columbus brewpub is open Weds-Sun. They do growler fills. Canning releases here have become more commonplace and do not usually require tickets (typically coming Weds at 3pm), but they are sporadic. Social media is the best option to keep updated. This location has a good Friday "Flights and Bites" deal that includes several mini food plates and four beers for a cheap price.

    Overall, HH does a decent job with hazy NE-style IPAs and is a good Ohio brewery. "Flagship" brews include Roller Blabe, Konkey Dong, South of Eleven, Dragonsaddle, Key Bump, and Musk of the Minotaur.

    History of release is maintained here (this is not mine, so please don't @ me about something missing)...

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    I was pretty surprised to see Hoof hit distro in Michigan last week (Thanks For Letting Us Play Last Night 4-packs) . I’m not sure how frequent this will accrue but I was happy to grab some locally...Cheers!
  3. BWichmann74

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    Agreed - been wanting to try this brewery for a while but never made the journey so I was glad to get some locally.

    For a 5.5% Pale Ale this thing was full of flavor! A single was enough for the price though....
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  4. JNeimer

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    I saw in one of the MI threads that they were going for like $23 a 4-pack? Yikes.

    Finally made my first trip to the new taproom for the 4up release...4up hits the sweet spot for me so I had to make the trip, especially with such a high limit. The new space is great! For a Saturday it was very busy, more so than I expected it to be given what I've been reading about the turnouts.

    Offering the variants in crowlers is the first move Hoof has made in recent months that actually makes sense to me. I thought the double frooted WWS was incredible and the double dong froot was good but smelled better than it tasted.

    Anyway, nice to have the Hoof thread back...how's the Kokomo Drift? Been wanting them to brew that one for a while now...Cheers everyone.
  5. pest

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    Kokomo tastes great! Showed up at 1, no line. I did not care for the strawberry clipboard, nor did I when the brewpub did it recently.
  6. JNeimer

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    Nice, hoping that some Kokomo Drift ends up at the kitchen this week as I might be able to detour through Cbus and pick some up.

    Speaking of which, I was able to get in last week and pick up some Special Occasion...I'm impressed. Kind of a "back to basics" DIPA after so many vanilla-forward beers in recent months from the kitchen, and I'm growing tired of them. I was pretty disappointed with Put Some Bangs On It. Anyway, super crushable at 9.5%...I recommend.

    Blabe 3DH and $60 Nachos next. I loved 3DH but thought it fell off a cliff very quickly. Do we think that Stackin Paper will be a rotation beer at any point? That 1st batch for last year's anniversary party was a disappointment, but the 2nd small batch from early July was stupid good IMO.
  7. jdoncbus

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    I wasn't a fan of the WWS Tangerine as it tasted like a sour, just gave the last one to a friend. I thought Musk was outstanding the last go around & like the above poster mentioned, I look forward to some straight forward IPA/DIPA from Hoof. Hopefully there is still some Special Occasion around.
  8. neelonjm

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    Well, Ohio is getting M-43 for $19.99/4 pack. So I guess it evens out.
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  9. JNeimer

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    And of course I'd drop $20 for M-43 in a heartbeat! Cans are hitting Ohio now? I've only seen it on draft so far in the Dayton area. If M-43 is arriving soon in cans then it won't be long before Boss Tweed follows. Can't wait for that.

    I liked WWS Tangerine, but mostly because of how unique it is. It also HAS to be consumed cold IMO, otherwise the bitterness becomes too much. I had a buddy pick me up three 4-packs of it, which was one too many.
  10. jdoncbus

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    That'll suck. Will Tweed be $21.99? :slight_frown:
  11. BWichmann74

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    It was $20 for a 4 pack which I thought was pricey for a 5.5% for sure even though it’s DDH. I just got a single. What’s the price in Ohio?
  12. jdoncbus

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    I can’t recall the price on that one specifically, I’ve seen their pales go from $14.99 to $16.99.
  13. JNeimer

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    I was hoping instragram would answer that for me, but I can't find. But I agree with this and was going to say either $14.99 or $15.99 for a pale ale. $20 up in MI is certainly better than $22-$23 that I thought I remembered seeing mentioned in the other thread.
  14. nachos

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    Most places around the West Side of the state have been around this price, which is crazy to me for a pale ale:

  15. RUinOhio

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    pricey but i'll pay it. love that beer. single cut 4-packs are that much and have been hit or miss lately.

  16. JNeimer

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    I would too. I love Boss Tweed at that next level as well. M-43 would be much harder to justify.

    I did not realize Single Cut was in Ohio...maybe not in southwestern corner of the state (Dayton South for me)? I would love to get my hands on some of that.
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  17. RUinOhio

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    Interesting we’ve been getting tons of it, pretty much every other Thursday is 2 different cans. Cleveland area.