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    Hello, avid beer lover here and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the specific hops that are in the beers listed below. I'm putting together a database of many of the IPAs I have tried and enjoy drinking, taking note of the various hops and flavor profiles of each. I'm able to find the types of hops in most that I've had but have a few so far that I'm unable to determine the specific hops used in brewing the following beers:
    • Foam Brewers - Experimental Jet Set
    • Kent Falls - Superscript
    • Lawson's - Big Hoppy
    • Rogue - Pineapple Party Punch
    • Stony Creek - Rescue Brew
    • Trillium - Mettle Alloy
    If anyone knows where I can find the specific hops used in these that would be fantastically helpful in my quest to learn all I can about the bajillion different hops and their flavor profiles. Thanks a million everyone!
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  2. Casterbridge

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    Superscript is Michigan Copper and Strata.
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    There are some cases where a brewery may not disclose what hops or ingredients were used in a beer. The best way to find out what ingredients and hops were used is to go to the source, look up the release from the brewery's website, or email them if you can't find any info on a beer you're looking for. If the brewery's website doesn't have an ingredient list or tell you what hops were used, and it doesn't say on here or on untappd, then chances are good the brewery never disclosed that information. Being local to Trillium, I can tell you that from what I know the Mettle Alloy is a rotating DIPA with a different hop bill for each version, and they have not mentioned the hops used in the Alloy series as far as I know. Your best bet is probably to contact the brewery and ask them, once all other options have been exhausted. For more info on different hop flavor profiles you can search for lists of hops online too.
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    I don't think I've asked a brewery about what they're hopping with for a while, but I'd ask the brewery itself if it doesn't say in the description. Usually, breweries appreciate folks interested in what went into the beer, at least from my experience.
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    I just got done listening to a podcast where the brewer mentioned that he doesn't like to list which hop varieties are in his beers since he purposefully uses a number of varieties to permit him flexibility in how he brews his brands from year to year. He went into the details that since hops are an agricultural product and due to weather and hop farm conditions the quality of hop varieties will vary from year to year. He then uses his judgement on how to properly choose/mix hop varieties from one crop year to another to best brew a given brand.

    It is worth a shot to contact the brewery and ask but maybe they are 'silent' on listing their hop varieties for a reason.

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    Did that happen to be Jeff Erway?
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    Beer Tree likes to use Michigan Copper (Guessing it's one of the ones they grow.)
    They did a Michigan Copper sMasH awhile ago . (July '18?) Just OK, by itself, but instructive.

    What I got out of it was tangerine, horehound, and sage. The sage was as if from the first instant a fresh sage leaf touches the tongue.
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    OP, unless you're drinking single-hop beers, you can't learn much about a taste profile of hop mixtures that are used in a beer. And you'll also find deviations in single-hop beers depending on where the hops are grown, and even the age of the hops/beers. And depending on how well the hops are stored in the warehouse in the supply chain, I suppose that can have an effect on flavor too. But however you try to learn the hop profiles, it's something that will benefit your beer experience in the long run. Good luck.
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    You could always go to a hop ranch or distributors site, and read the descriptions of flavors, and see what matches up to you experience.
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    IE: December release of "Weedy" Heady Topper
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  12. JackHorzempa

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    All this is true and the other factor which have an impact (the most important factor IMO) is when the hops are harvested. From the same hop plant the qualities of the hops will notably vary if they are harvested early in the harvest season or later in the harvest season.

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    Yes! My experience (BA-wise and personally) is that if you have a question, go to the source. Most breweries appear willing to engage you and answer your questions. And this ranges from an actual 30-minute Saturday afternoon call I got from the head brewer of Oskar Blues (regarding Mama's Lil Yella Pils reformulation) to Cheboygan Brewery - lately - regarding a beer style and name question).

    It never hurts to ask and usually will give you the straight poop as opposed to honest (yet speculative) input from your virtual BA bar mates...:grin:
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    Nice post.....I wish hop varieties were listed on the can/bottle......I bought beer last week and it listed no real info beside DDH IPA.......It was fresh and a brewery I have had beer from that I like and priced ok. I got home cracked one open and checked out the web site......It was a Rye IPA(how is this not listed on the can?) and it had Mosaic, one of my favorite hops........Im going back for more this week.....Oh, it was Funk 365

    This had Pacific Jade as well, what is the profile on this hop?

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