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    Hop Fool! [Based on Hop Fu! by Kelsey McNair (see Zymurgy, Sept./Oct. 2014, pp. 58, 68)]
    West Coast IPA (on the thin border between IPA and IIPA)
    All Grain
    5 gallons into keg

    Target Parameters
    Target OG: 1.067
    Target FG: 1.011 (Mash low, boys and girls; I'll probably shoot for 149 F for 90 min)
    Target ABV: 7.4%
    Target IBUs: 118 (Tinseth, calculated value only with no accounting for saturation of alpha acids)
    Target SRM: 7

    Grain Bill (exact amounts should be adjusted based on system efficiency)
    92% Rahr 2-Row 3.6 L
    3% Patagonia Crystal 35 L
    3% Caramel Pils 10 L

    1 oz Chinook 12% (First Wort Hopping) (90 minute boil total)
    2 oz Belma 12% (60 min)
    1 oz Columbus 16% (30 min)
    1 oz Simcoe 13% (10 min)
    1 oz Amarillo 8% (10 min)
    1 oz Simcoe 13% (0 min)
    1 oz Amarillo 8% (0 min)
    1 oz Citra 14% (0 min)
    1 oz Centennial 9% (0 min)
    1 oz Columbus 16% (0 min) + 15 minute hop stand at 185 F (no extra hops added)

    Dry Hops
    2 oz Centennial
    2 oz Simcoe
    2 oz Amarillo
    (Following Hop Fu! schedule, which comes from Vinny Cilurzo)

    Wyeast 1187 (Ringwood). This should be the preference of the brewer. I wanted to do an IPA with something other than the canonical Chico yeast. Wort transferred directly onto the yeast cake from a previous APA.

    ~11 gallons RO total, treated as indicated
    Mash: 4.5 gallons RO treated with 1 gm CaCl and 9 gm CaSO4 plus 1 oz Weyermann Acid Malt.
    Predicted mash pH is 5.42 (using MpH Calculator)
    Sparge: 5.5 gallons RO (following Hop Fu! lead here)
    Additional: Added as needed to bring pre boil volume up to required amount to hit target post-boil volume.

    This beer is still to be brewed. I'll report back later on how this comes out.
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