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    Hi when building a recipe . The hops you add at the very start of the boil would that be 60 or 0 mins? The hops at flameout would that be 0 mins or 60 mins? I'm under the impression that the start would be 60 mins and flame out would 0 mins?
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    I think I understand the issue. When a recipe says, for example, "20", that means to let those hops boil for the last 20 minutes of the boil, not to add them 20 minutes after the start of the boil. Some people boil for more than 60 minutes (or even less), thus it makes more sense to provide the length of time each hop is boiled, rather than how long after the boil starts to add it.

    If you're ever not sure, check the length of time given for the bittering hops compared to the falvor/aroma hops (the bittering hops will have the higher alpha %). If the length of time for the bittering hops is greater, then that indicates the length of time to boil those hops from the time they are added to flameout.
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    Same idea here but worded a little differently (I sometimes need things 'splained to me a few ways before it takes hold)....:confused:

    Timed additions are added according to a recipe with “X” minutes left in the boil....think of the minutes as a countdown timer.
    For example, if a recipe calls for a 60-minute boil with:
    1 oz. @ 60 minutes (for bittering) > Add when there are 60 minutes left on the boil (aka the beginning of the boil)
    1 oz. @ 15 minutes (for flavor) > Add when 15 minutes remain in the boil (45 minutes have passed)
    2 oz. @ flameout/0 minutes (for aroma) > Add these when you remove the kettle from the heat source
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    You're under the right impression, as everyone else has said. They are "t-minus" based references.
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    Correct...now if you really want a brain fart, search First Wort Hopping (FWH) :slight_smile:
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    That's the brain dead way to hop, and I love it. It's really easy to just throw them shits in while you're running off that wort.
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    … or take them out early... if you bagged them before throwing them in :slight_smile:
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