HOPoxia '4' Cask/Tap List

Discussion in 'Canada' started by LampertLand, Jun 29, 2014.

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  1. LampertLand

    LampertLand Poo-Bah (2,517) Nov 2, 2011 Canada

    Well it took time/help from/with some new friends @ HOPoxia this afternoon in Phillip's Backyard , here's what we sampled
    Barkerville Brewing-Camel IPA
    Brassneck Brewing-Cannon Fodder
    Bomber Brewing-Superpest DIPA
    Canoe Brewpub-IPA
    Central City Brewing-'collab with Phillip's-?
    Cannery Brewing-India Brown Ale
    Deep Cove B&D-Star Struck Rye IPA
    Driftwood Brewery-Fat Tug IPA
    Four Mile Brewpub-Powder Keg IPA
    Four Winds Brewing-IPA
    Granville Is.Brewing-Shipload of Hops DIPA
    Howe Sound Brewing-Hopraiser IPA
    Hoyne Brewing-Devil's Dream IPA
    Lighthouse Brewing-Numbskull DIPA
    Longwood Brewpub-Imperial Pilsner
    Moon Under Water Brewpub-Tranquilizer IPA*cask*
    Moon Under Water Brewpub-No Hop Brett/Sour?
    Parallel 49 Brewing-ESB
    Phillip's Brewing-KangaRooster IPA*cask*
    Powell St. Brewing-White IPA
    Russell Brewing-Hoppy Hefeweizen
    Salt Spring Is.Ales-Homegrown American Pale Ale
    Spinnakers Brewpub-Jolly Hopper Imperial IPA*cask*
    Spinnaker's Brewpub-Hefeweizen*cask*
    Swan's Brewpub-Extra IPA
    Tofino Brewing-Spruce Tree Ale
    Tree Brewing-Whiskey BA Raw IPA*cask*
    Vancouver Is.Brewing-Margarita IPA*cask*
    Whistler Brewing-Tropical Fruit Punch IPA
    Wolf Brewing-Lupo-Lin IPA ,
    cheers & prost to those who helped cosume , debate , laugh , and had a good time doing so , LampertLand
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.