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    Hoppy Amarillo Wheat Ale
    American Wheat Ale
    All Grain
    Batch Size: 5.1 Gallons into fermenter (5.21 gallons including trub prior to xfer to fermenter)
    OG: 1.052
    FG: 1.014
    ABV: 5.0%
    IBUs: 29 (Modified Tinseth per BrewCipher)
    SRM: 6
    Mash Efficiency: 70%

    Grain Bill:
    5 lbs Wyermann Pale Wheat Malt
    4.7 lbs Briess 2-Row
    0.85 lbs Goldswaen Red

    Hop Schedule (Pellet Hops, All Amarillo, 7.7% AA):
    First Wort

    --0.5 ounces
    15 Minutes
    --0.5 ounces
    5 Minutes
    --1.5 ounces
    Steeped during slow chill (~ 30 minutes)
    --1.0 ounces added at 190F
    --1.0 ounces added at 150F
    Dry Hops
    --2.0 ounces in primary, added @ 48 Hrs in
    --2.0 ounces in secondary (keg) for 4 days at 70F

    Yeast: WLP002 (BrewCipher default pitch rate)

    Water Profile (overall):
    Ca: 95 ppm
    Cl: 90 ppm
    SO4: 104 ppm
    (Acid as needed in strike to target 5.4 mash pH)

    - Single Infusion Mash @ 153F, 1.45 qts/lb, 60 Minutes, plus mashout with remaining water
    - 30 Minute Boil (don't forget FW hops)
    - Fermentation: 68F, adding first round of dry hops at 48 hrs after pitching yeast
    - After fermentation, closed xfer to purged keg containing hop cage with 2nd round of dry hops
    - Closed xfer from dry hop keg to purged serving keg after 4 days
    - Carbonate to 2.9 volumes CO2
    - This recipe assumes 70% Mash Efficiency and No-sparge w/ mashout. Adjust as necessary.
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    Woot....dere it is!

    Some questions:
    "Steeped during slow chill (~ 30 minutes)". Pretty sure I've got this one, but just to verify.....adjusting the rate of chilling from flameout to pitch temp in order for the chill to take 30 minutes, correct? I'll need to dial back my chill-water flow.. It's not unusual to hit pitch temp in < 20 minutes.

    I'm not using kegs yet. Do you think the beer would have differed significantly if the second dry hop was in the primary (upon full attenuation?) for the 4 days?

    I'll probably use leaf (on hand) and understand BC will adjust the water volume for that. For hops contributions, is this where the "Scale!" function in BC can/should be used? Looks like the initial inputs would be Pellet for the boil and 'hopstand', then put the resultant values in the "Target Post-Boil..." and the "Target Standard....", then hit "Scale!", for each. Sound about right?

    What's your take on this beer?

    Thanks for putting up the recipe, and for tagging me.
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    It would probably have been pretty similar. My only concern would be exposure to O2 when adding the 2nd round of dry hops, i.e. I wouldn't expect as long a shelf life on the hop flavor/aroma. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    I probably wouldn't scale that way. I say that because I don't really think that flavor/aroma scale linearly (if at all) along with alpha acids within a given hop variety. Instead, I'd probably use the amounts from the recipe for every addition except the First Wort addition. For that one, I'd adjust the qty until the total modified Tinseth IBUs = 29.

    I like it. And it was well received at a public pouring and a club share. If you like wheat beers and you like NEPAs/NEIPAs, you'll probably like it too. It has just enough bitterness to make it an easy drinker, with lots of citrus and even a little more floral character than usual for amarillo. I'm thinking the latter may be due to some biotransformation of the fermentation hops.
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    The description from the maltster for GoldSwaen Red says "Improved malt aroma, red colour, fuller body, notes of biscuit & honey".
    Do you think it added anything substantial beyond what could be found in a similar malt from another provider? None of my locals carry The Swaen products.

    ETA: Ordering 1# online would make it 1/3 of my grain bill cost with shipping, and I'm hesitant to order 5# or 10# without knowing if it's the bees knees.
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    I wouldn't sweat it. If you can't get GoldSwaen Red easily, I think any of the following would work fine:
    - CaraVienne
    - Cara 20
    - CaraRed
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    Very nice beer. This one was made with CaraVienne.
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