How beer will save Western rivers

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  1. deadwolfbones

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  2. Squire

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    I'm familiar with the Verde River area and heartily applaud these efforts.
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  3. toolbrew

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    I truly hope this works!
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  4. AZBeerDude72

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    We need this in AZ. Another reason why I support AZ Wilderness Brewing, they are involved with this and have a desire to conserve our resources in AZ. We just got notice that in 2020 lake levels will hit new low and we will have emergency measures put into place, so we have a sever water issue happening with the drought were in.

    Article on water issues going on:
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  5. stevesbeer

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    Very cool article. Thanks for sharing!
  6. drh88

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    This is a tremendous initiative. I know nothing about the market for barley, but I do know that many small breweries are very interested and actively involved in environmental issues and preservation. I would think that many would jump on this opportunity to purchase from an area dedicated to saving an endangered river, as long as it doesn't negatively impact their costs.
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  7. Troutbeerbum

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    Very cool. As an East coast fly fishing guide, irrigation is not really an issue, it seems to be drought in natural drainages and flow releases by hydro dams that “shut off the valve”.
    As someone who is involved with multiple fishing organizations that are heavily invested in river quality, I appreciate and applaud these efforts. Plus the benefit to beer is a good thing.