How much Mango in a milkshake ipa

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    Recommendations for the amount of mangos for a milkshake ipa?

    I was thinking in the range of 3 - 5 lbs. plan on using frozen mangos.

    The recipe is a standard NEIPA grain bill with 2 row, oats, wheat. Adding .5 lbs of lactose and one vanilla bean. Abv targeted @6.8%.

    Due to timing looking at letting the mangos sit for 6-7 days. Mangos will be added to primary after fermentation is pretty much complete.

    Also, first time using fruit so any tips are appreciated......cheers.
  2. TooHopTooHandle

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    I added a milkshake ipa recipe to the recipe section that I have brewed 4 or 5 times just switching up the fruit and it sure is a crowd pleaser. I used frozen mangos and 6lbs per 5 gallons was subtle and 2 vanilla beans. I cut, scrape, and chop the vanilla beans on brew day and soak in vodka. I pureed the crap out of the frozen fruit. I add the beans and vodka, fruit, and dry hop to a secondary once primary ferm has ended (usually 5 days) and rack beer on top of it. I only let it sit on the fruit for around 3 to 5 days (soon as re-fermentation stops), cold crash at 38 degrees till all the fruit drops, then I transfer it to the keg via co2 closed transfer. I also found 1lb of lactose to be the perfect amount, but everyone has different palate and likes. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask.
  3. GetMeAnIPA

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    Awesome. Thanks!
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    I brewed a mango milkshake IPA once with 5 lb in 5 gal and it had noticeable fruit flavor but pretty subtle overall. Frozen mango works great. I used 1 vanilla bean which was also pretty subtle. I agree with @TooHopTooHandle that 1 lb of lactose is a good amount, the mouthfeel was very juicy and creamy but not too "thick". I didn't cold crash, but that's a very good idea because the mango soaked up a good 1 to 1.5 gallons of my beer.
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  5. GetMeAnIPA

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    Thanks for the info. I brewed the beer already and used .5 lb of lactose. I just pulled a sample and added 5 lbs of frozen mangos. I could smell and taste the lactose from the sample. With a flat sample I couldn’t tell body. I’ll see how it finishes and adjust on my next one, which based on the sample i’ll Be brewing it again because it was tasty!

    With all the hops and mangos i’ll Probably lose a good amount of beer. I didn’t think of that. I usually brew 5.5 gallons into the fermenter. Next time i’ll Have to go with 6.5 gallons.
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    I usually target 6.5 gallons for primary. I also puree the fruit so it is almost baby food consistency. Then I usually rack 6 gallons to secondary on fruit, beans, and hops. I get 5 gallons in the keg doing it this way and usually have maybe a 1/4 to 1/8 gallon left in the secondary.