How to Create a Completed Trade Thread

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    Posting (or inquiring as to) what it took to complete (close) a trade on a specific beer can be helpful to others. But before you start a thread, please read on.


    Title Format:
    <brewery name>: <beer name>
    • Search before posting to avoid duplicate threads.
    • One beer per thread.
    • You must include the brewery and beer name. No acronyms or abbreviations. This will help others find the thread when searching.
    • Completed trade info only. No value threads or comments. No price checks. No offers. No debates, bickering or other nonsense.
    • Include as much detail as possible if reporting your closed trade.
    • All new threads are moderated.
    Note: We've moved over as many older completed trade threads as possible, and will try to do another batch soon, but didn't update the thread titles to the new format. Feel free to use the Report link if we missed any or if a thread title could use some updating.

    Happy trading.