How to Get Started with Trading

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    Beer trading has been a part of BeerAdvocate since the late 90s, and has since grown into one of the largest beer trading communities online. Hundreds of trades are conducted on a daily basis by thousands of members around the world.

    Why Trade Beers?
    Here are just a few reasons why beer trading might be for you:
    • Try beers you'd normally have to travel for.
    • Spread the word about good brewers and beers.
    • Share beers and your experience with others.
    • Make new friends.
    • Finally get your hands on that rare, elusive beer (aka - whale).
    Before You Can Trade
    You must follow two easy steps in order to participate in BeerAdvocate's Beer Trading Forums and the Beer Trading Feedback System.
    1. Join the site or log in.
    2. Agree that you've read the rules.
    Once all of the above is complete you'll gain access to additional forums, the feedback system and more.

    Ready? Go here: ... and we'll guide you through the steps.