How to Make a Molechelada Beer Cocktail

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    Replacing the Mexican lager in a Michelada with Second Self Beer Company's Mole Porter adds more body and malt sweetness, putting a new twist on this classic beer cocktail.

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  2. EvenMoreJesus

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    My directions for making this beer cocktail are slightly different:

    1) gather ingredients

    2) throw ingredients in the trash

    3) open and drink a lovely Pils

    There . . . much better!
  3. tzieser

    tzieser Savant (977) Nov 21, 2006 New Jersey

    I'll refrain from knocking it 'til I tried it but using a dark beer for a chelada seems like utter heresy.
  4. Alefflicted

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    Seems interesting to say the least. I'd give it a try if offered.
  5. BeerBobber

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    I would try it but it seems so far from a traditional beer and mato juice michelada. Interesting.
  6. Zorro

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    Step 1. Consider drinking one.

    Step 2. Make a Bloody Mary instead.
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  7. BruChef

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  8. tzieser

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    Again, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it....and if you have then to each their own.

    They only go down nicely in Arizona or Southern California for whatever reason. When in Rome I guess. FWIW, I haven’t enjoyed one since I moved to this wasteland they call South Jersey/Eastern PA

    Lol @Zorro that’s how I came to enjoy my first one. A friend of mine in AZ made a Bloody Mary with some Clamato juice. I never liked the thought of beer & Clamato juice but he used a Tecate as a beer back and ended up pouring it into the half drank Bloody Mary. The sweetness of the beer cuts the acid of the Bloody really nicely. That and some carne asada tacos, watching NFL games on a very warm morning. Great times.
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    DISKORD Aspirant (205) Feb 28, 2017 Virginia

    The original and this one sound gross. I'm not that bored yet. I'll just stick to beer.
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  10. BruChef

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    Jokes aside, I agree. I would definitely try it but man, it does not sound good.
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  11. elohim

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    I always love an excuse to add hot sauce to anything and happened to have some Sunday Mole Stout lying around so I gave this a try. Interesting concept but not really in line with my personal tastes.
  12. moshea

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    To join the chorus, it does not sound like a Michelada, it sounds like a spiced porter with more spices and a few drops of lime added.

    To each their own
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  13. Keene

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    Good on you for trying it! While a Molechelada might be popular with the Second Self guys, it certainly won't appeal to everybody.
  14. RLVineh

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    Step 1: Don't
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