Hunahpu Day Question

Discussion in 'South' started by s4tk, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. s4tk

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    I've never been down to Hunahpu Day. Been to Dark Lord several times. I'm wondering -- how does CC release their variants of Hunahpu? I see they sell the admission ticket in 4-8-12 bottle options, but nothing is mentioned about variants. Do they still bottle variants, and if so, are they available at the Day, or do they do silent releases throughout the year? Thanks.

  2. MarshallBirdhouse

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    Maybe the fine folks in the South-Atlantic forum can help you out
  3. s4tk

    s4tk Initiate (56) Jan 24, 2014 Indiana

    Ok thanks :slight_smile:
  4. imyourhero21

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    No bottle variants, just base huna every year to public. Any other bottles go to El Cat members or silent releases at tap room.