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I think I'm done trading

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk' started by ShogoKawada, May 29, 2012.

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  1. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Dude, bike. So much better.
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  2. DavoleBomb

    DavoleBomb Mar 29, 2008 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    I often make helpful, what I consider to be friendly posts when I see a noob doing something that isn't congruent with the culture and I'm happy to do it. The vast majority thank me for helping them learn the ropes. Others go batshit crazy as if I were insulting their mothers. Sometimes I can't help myself and write something snarky, but that's usually when it's clear that the poster has made no effort to assimilate to the culture. Ultimately, it's not the veterans jobs to guide newer users if they have no intention to put any effort into integrating.

    Both of these stories invole the newcomer putting in effort to assist with interaction with the natives. This is exactly what I want from the newcomers here.

    I don't expect noobs to know the finer points of the trading culture. I do expect them to have some idea of how to behave though. I'm not talking about the right way to pronounce a word, I'm talking about driving on the correct side of the road.

    People wouldn't be so frustrated with and leaving the trading arena if the positives were outweighing the negatives.
  3. Levitation

    Levitation Aug 7, 2009 California

    true, i guess i took that for granted. and i wouldn't lump all of cali together - a lot of it is still a beer wasteland, and aside from a few stunners, i'd argue the top half of the state is boring. snorecal imo. :)
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  4. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Mar 17, 2010 Michigan

    Wait, I thought everyone in Cali lived within two hours of Russian River. Is this not true? No wonder people weren't willing to mule 6 cases of Beatification for me...
  5. 3rdto1st

    3rdto1st Dec 1, 2011 California

    Hahaha, no, I am forever away from RR... but right next door to the Bruery ;p
  6. jsboots21

    jsboots21 Jan 19, 2009 Tennessee

    According to your profile, you're roughly my age, so you should understand that our generation is the chauffeured generation which constantly texts when actually behind the wheel.

    So I guess I'll blame society and my parents for this woeful existence and horrid state of trading affairs. Seems reasonable and agreeable.
  7. CarolinaKevin

    CarolinaKevin Feb 28, 2010 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    Add me to the list of traders hanging it up indefinitely. It seems that trading has slowly become less fun and more hassle, I have traded with many great and generous BA's, and it took me about a year and a half to finally get to this point. Aside from cost, I just think trades have become more and more difficult to complete and it's not really worth the hassle anymore. I have plenty to age and drink, plus there is plenty on shelves that I need to try anyway.
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    BARFLYB Dec 22, 2007 Pennsylvania

    Just move to Philly, there is no need to trade if you live here, everything comes here eventually. For example with beer week coming up I am going to be able to tick a bunch of Funky Buddah beers, a few limited sours from various breweries, A bunch of De Molen one offs, Dark Horse Smells Like Weed, etc. It's a tickers paradise year round for those who don't have the means to trade all the time.
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  9. mhenson42

    mhenson42 Nov 20, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Yeah, the beer is great. It's just the living in Philly part that's the problem.:p
  10. smakawhat

    smakawhat Mar 18, 2008 Maryland

    Well DC has it's runs too with the so called "everything comes here" but it isn't cheap either. But the best part is you don't have to live in Philly :D

    HA HA

    Ok that aside...

    the worst though was I was using my GOTS as more importantly a record of what was in my fridge/cellar. Mostly so I could keep track... and of course quickly look up at the time for what I had.

    One time back in yore, I tried a request for a trade, I sent out a request, got a few responses... nothing really came of it... however... after one person emailed me ... (some new kid no doubt) and the trade didn't work out (I agreed to disagree.. no harm) ... he then had to convo (email) me back and say...

    "I don't believe for a second you have all those beers on your gots list"..

    un F***kin real.. are you kidding me???

    I seriously hope people who are gettin into trading aren't acting like this all around...

    BARFLYB Dec 22, 2007 Pennsylvania

    I somewhat agree, I think the beer selection is the only thing keeping me here. The pros (beer selection) equal out the cons (Philly).
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  12. ficklenicholas

    ficklenicholas Jul 26, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Ive only been a member since July 2011. I am in the process of completing my third trade. I read the trading forums for 5 months (along with other resources) before I even attempted to make a trade. I am just looking to try beers i am unable to get in Los Angeles, if something spectacular comes my way, even better.

    And i would like to think i am a very generous person in general. I am actually worried that the person who i sent my last box to has already had the extras i sent him because i failed to check the distribution list before i sent them. Although all three bombers/375ml. are varieties of Cali beers (Ballast Point, Alpine, and Port) that i don't see on shelves on a regular basis here, i'd be surprised if they are readily available in the midwest.

    But then again i respect the opinion of BA's that have been around forever, and i have no frame of reference when it comes to getting burned by a noob or the saturation of the trading forums with assholes.

    I guess my point is that i am a noob, but i am not an asshole...

  13. glitchedmind

    glitchedmind May 8, 2012 California

    snorecal? hah! Central Valley (well, I can only speak of Bakersfield) is the epitome of beer wasteland. The few craft beer suppliers either have a great selection and gouge (imbibe), great prices, but smaller selection (GM Liquor). The other two have a decent selection, but their product is often shelf stored, and/or outdated.
  14. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 May 6, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I work in shipping and get a great deal (a 20 ish box costs me right at $10) and still look at my bill and have to wonder if its worth it.
  15. normyk

    normyk Dec 10, 2007 Ohio

    I've been steadily cutting back to just in-person stuff and BIFs (which I still love, but have cut back on). I just don't think that I need all these beers. Yeah, it would be nice to try some of them, but, eh, no biggie if I don't.

    The wake-up call as it were was stressing over a hobby - the work, the time, the need. The expense is beside the point for me. I shouldn't be stressing over a hobby. I do hobbies for fun. Beer is a hobby. Screw stressing over it.

    My current plan/goal/approach is to attend cool beer events and releases and chill. Good beer and good people. I'll be a semi-regional homer (which I already am) and just enjoy what comes my way.
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  16. AlCaponeJunior

    AlCaponeJunior May 21, 2010 Texas

    I have been cutting back considerably, but I have not quit. It is expensive, and I'm trying to save a helluvalotta money by the end of this year, when I'm out of the army and back in college (again). Plus I'm focusing more on homebrewing now (it's also much cheeper to homebrew, once you have the stuff you need).

    That doesn't mean I'm OUT of the trading game, just slowing it down some... if one of my trading buddies wanted something that I could get, I don't think I could say no. Plus I'm in a homebrew BIF right now anyway, with another homebrew/commercial brew trade pending. So when I say cutting back, I mean that in a very loose sense of the term. :D
  17. pschul4

    pschul4 Jan 7, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    After reading this entire thing (it took about 45 minutes but I don't have anything to do until my dad's TV show is over at 9 cst so I can watch some Spurs/OKC :) ) I've decided that once i get some more beer/money I'm going to look for 1 or maybe 2 more regular partners (along with grumpyjunglist who is the fucking man) and call it from there. I've had all (or most) of the big boys and nothing seems as good as BCBS for stouts, Daisy Cutter/Zombie Dust for pales, and all my other needs (sours/IPAs) are taken care of by grumpyjunglist. Only thing I'll really be looking for in the future is a heady topper trading partner :D

    However I do plan on continuing to give n00bs advice if they ask for it, and leave their threads alone if they say "BM only"

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  18. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Dec 13, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    costs are definitely prohibitive. i'm at the point these days of focusing on enjoying the fruits of my labor with local BAs. i still have the occasional trade spurt (have 3 boxes en route to me right now), but i have been focusing more on proxy situations and glass acquisition. pretty cool to find someone who will pick stuff up for you at cost and you send them a shipping label...and then return the favor by doing the same or tossing them a want or two. everyone is happy, you get exactly what you want and you don't get raped in the forums. not to mention with more and more online retailers popping up, i'm thinking of getting my out of distribution fixes from internet retailers.

    to echo the sentiments of many others...craft beer and the gatherings surrounding it are exciting and fun for me and other than supporting my family, i don't really splurge on many other things, so i am willing to take the hit on an occasional box, but as i'm focusing more on drinking down what i have, drinking less in general, and enjoying more of what my local distribution gets (and the way it is growing), trading naturally has slowed down.

    always happy to lend a hand to previous traders and n00bs...but not always up for a trade, but proxy situations are win/win...i get to shop in a store with someone else's money and ship to them on their dime and hopefully if i ever want the return favor, it is just a conversation away. it's also nice to get stuff at cost without the insanity of dealing with the hostage state that the forum is these days.
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  19. 3rdto1st

    3rdto1st Dec 1, 2011 California

    I love your attitude about this (and most your other posts), which makes me sad you aren't trading as much. If you ever wanna help a n00b out or get a new proxy situation in SoCal, let me know.
  20. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Nov 23, 2010 Illinois

    I'll proxy helping a n00b out for him. (also I need a Bruery hookup).
  21. Arbitrator

    Arbitrator Nov 26, 2008 California

    I have two things to say:

    1) You are a great trader and you will be missed.
    2) It's hilarious and fitting that shipping a huge box of White Birch to me made you give up on trading.
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  22. CaptainTripps

    CaptainTripps Aug 8, 2010 Oregon

    Found this out when I took a trip to South Lake Tahoe in late December. You would think in a high mountain town as such there would be an awesome beer scene. That place was a wasteland.

    /good looking women though
  23. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Dec 13, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    more than happy to go shopping for you (or anyone who doesn't come across as a profiteer/ebayer on this site) for cost and shipping label. i have more than enough boxes and packing material and my wife would be really pleased to see some of that go away and not get replaced in a few days. all i ask is you let me know when everything arrives and say thanks...or pay it forward. if you are someone who likes to send thank you boxes, i wouldn't turn them away, but at the same time, i have enough beer so it isn't really necessary at all. i'm even happy to do this for limited releases if i can get ahold of them (without having to go store hopping, but sometimes even that is fun). i proxied at least 8 rares when they hit town. LI, NY gets really nice distribution IMO and i like to throw as much business to my favorite retailers as i can.

    who you calling a n00b? ;)
  24. JeepCop

    JeepCop May 16, 2010 Kansas
    Beer Trader

    That definitely helps... I choose not to look at my bill (the wife handles the finances) and she hasn't said much...

    Seriously though, with Surly and Town Hall what more do you really need?
  25. liamt07

    liamt07 Jul 26, 2009 Ontario (Canada)
    Beer Trader

    Not as into it as I used to be, have a couple trading partners from across the country that I hook up with regularly, but that's about it. Tasting group is well travelled, we can typically acquire a variety of things without much effort. Really struggle to follow the trading forum too, which doesn't help.
  26. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

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  27. cpinto6

    cpinto6 Feb 25, 2010 Georgia

    What ^^^ said. I was wondering who in the world was getting punished by shogo with that box and I can't believe its you...I see a lot of Fs and Ds in your reviewing future.
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  28. cbeer88

    cbeer88 Sep 5, 2007 Massachusetts

    I encourage it... clears out shelf space for other beers.
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  29. ShogoKawada

    ShogoKawada May 31, 2009 Pennsylvania

    I sent him quite a box of terror. I can't wait.
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  30. Overlord

    Overlord Jun 28, 2007 California

    I wonder if the lack of interest in trading is partly responsible for the fall-off of this site's web traffic numbers. According to Alexa.com, there's been a gigantic downward shift for beeradvocate as a whole over the last six months. Time spent on site down about 20%, traffic from search engines (rather than dedicated users) up 30% ... every metric sinking faster than a White Birch beer's trading value after the first report of an infection crops up.

    Could also be disgruntlement over still unresolved technical woes or people tired of their posts getting deleted for no reason, or maybe people are burnt out a bit. Ratebeer is down as well (though not as dramatically). Trading probably drove a lot of site traffic.
  31. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Dec 13, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    could be a vicious cycle of an increase in bans/timeouts due to the current state of the trade forum. we are killing each other off slowly by fighting about "value" which degrades into personal attacks and other TOS violations which results in bans and timeouts and ultimately people either not being allowed on the site or being sick of getting attacked when they point out the actual cost of a beer or bottle count.
  32. Jnorton00

    Jnorton00 Apr 13, 2007 Massachusetts

    I was wondering who the poor bastard was that was getting that box.
  33. Levitation

    Levitation Aug 7, 2009 California

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  34. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Dec 13, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    lol. is this the new BA Coton? ;)

    i'll let you know if it is worth the hype...got a bottle coming to me from a previous trading partner who didn't want to rake me over the coals for a $10 1000 bottle release (LOL).

    ps. fixed your typo :p
  35. Levitation

    Levitation Aug 7, 2009 California

    heh, is this the one where you refused to trade a $13 17,000 bottle release for it?

    that was intentional.
  36. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Have the forums been up for six months yet? That seems like the most likely cause to me, people went away and didn't come back, came back, didn't like, and left, etc. Could also be that the continuing economic shittiness means fewer people can afford this dumb hobby.
  37. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Dec 13, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    which one is that? can't think of any $13 17,000 bottle releases that i've ever gotten ahold of? the only thing that comes to mind that "might" fit the bill was KH which was $18 locally - $20 plus after tax/bottle dep, but i trade them at $18 (and i know you were watching those threads).

    would love to know of anyone in NY (or IL) who got that one for $13. i traded more than my fair share of KH for locals, BIF'ed it, gave 3 for 2 hunah and a glass, etc (i'm all about fair). perhaps your anger should be more directed at the profiteers and you should stop sweating me? aren't you out of the trading game anyway these days? you should really read some of your posts concerning beatification (pot meet kettle) before you go and start attacking people who are actually helpful to the community and if you think i'm not helpful to the community then why continue to sweat me? i'd really like to put you on ignore and leave you there, but the attacks are just uncalled for. get a life.

    reminds me of pee wee's big adventure - "i meant to do that"
  38. Levitation

    Levitation Aug 7, 2009 California

    yep, king henry, a large-batch beer you bought off the shelf as recently as a couple of weeks ago...

    it's like you're totally oblivious. o_O

    is ba the only site you visit on the internet? here's an example.
  39. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Dec 13, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    for $13? let's go mrs. facts...show me a store that sold them for $13.

    and yeah, you bet i got them off the shelf a few weeks ago at a special goose island rare beer release event (i got rare, coffee, king henry, bcbs). they sold for $18 plus tax deposit which was about $20/$21...why is that a fair 1 for 1 trade with a $10 beer? and you forget to mention my offers of $15 brewery only releases that had lower bottle counts, were those unfair offers? selective amnesia's the story, eh?

    what about them off the shelf beats that you had access to that you jumped up and down about when people were looking for fair/even trades? i've yet to hear your reply on that.

    you really consider me a profiteer??? REALLY??? check my refs. facts don't do what you want them to!!! honestly...your badgering skills really could be used for good. why not go after ebayers or start patrolling the ISO/FT forum. i know you aren't a fan of mine (or are doing that kindergarten pull my hair cause you like me thing), but seriously...what's your obsession with me? i re-iterate "get a life."

    pretty much, how many sites do you visit and harass people? don't you have a job or a husband/family or something?

    you are like benjy on the stern show...i got sucked into the vortex AGAIN (shame on me - and just when i was laughing with a tasting partner today about how i've chilled out with fighting with you). so rather than derail this thread even further into the cosmic levi fight (part 1 million) i'll just leave it at the facts stand as they are...my post history, references, and bottle shares with locals reflects on me, and your post history, references (oh wait, you have none), bottle shares with locals (oh wait, you refuse to meet people in person) reflects you. if people want to hate on me because of your posts, they can...if they want to get great boxes or share great bottles locally with me, they can trade with me or converse with me to set up a local share (perhaps you missed the thread where i've openly offered to mule for pretty much anyone - at cost - offer is ongoing and open to any BAs who don't have a post history of profiteering/ebaying...something you rail against when asked of you). if people want to hate on you they can (or they can wait until you attack them)...if they want to get great boxes or share great beers...well i guess if they want great boxes or share great beers they'll have to look elsewhere?

    ---edit---how come i can't like my own reply? cause hot dawg i like that one!!!
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  40. Levitation

    Levitation Aug 7, 2009 California

    i was wrong about $13. but man... you sure like to complain that 1,000 is a lot and ignore the fact that 17,000 is more.

    you must be doing this on purpose to troll me. no one is really THAT oblivious. -_-


    "despite what some nonsense above would have you believe, beatification has been absurdly easy to trade for
    it's not a wale, it's not hard to get..."

    i think your cognitive dissonance is amusing and i like to point it out.

    but i know, i know. you're always the victim, whether it's me, the mislabeled keg, or those angry deer-hunting wisconsinites. life is so hard for cosmicevan. :(
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