Idle Hands Craft Ales (2020)

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    I swung by Idle Hands this week: the tap room got a face lift with a brand new mural, new lights, a pergola at the entrance, and a shuffle board. It looks great, unfortunately I didn't have time to sit around and enjoy it.

    I grabbed some Six Seam and Kill Your Idles - Tropical. The Six Seam is tasting really great. Highly recommended. I wish it wasn't a twice a year release... it would definitely be in my permanent rotation. (I haven't cracked the KYI, yet).
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    The table shuffleboard industry are the real winners off the taproom explosion. Sounds like an already great spot has been improved. Looking forward to Bit Bar opening a second location in Malden Center.
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    I might swing by tomorrow. Pretty decent tap list right now.

    Six Seam
    Galaxy Four Sean
    A schwartzbier
    A Scotch ale

    Shit, and as a bonus Hugh O’Neill’s has these on tap:

    Equilibrium’s Dream Lab
    3F Armon and Gaston, Oude Gueuze, Oude Kriek, and Beersel Blonde

    And a litany of solid stouts
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    We are super excited about our tap room makeover. The mural is something that we have been talking about internally for a couple years now and it has finally seen the light of day. It was painted by a local artist, Alison Bamcat. Or I guess use to be local artist, she now lives in LA. All in all we are quite happy with how the refresh came out. There are still a few minor things that need to be added but the major pieces are all there. I encourage everyone to come check us out if you haven't been to our tap room in awhile.
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