I'll take "Things that annoy" for $200

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  1. AWA

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Hipster douchebags who suck up all the seats at the bar. They'll sample 8 beers, drink 1, and groom their soup catchers. Oh to be young and unafraid of consequences.
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  2. alebuff

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    To get back on topic....
    1. Geeks that shout down non-geeks
    2. “Local” beer that uses malts, hops, and other adjuncts half a planet away.
    3. $100+ beers.
    4. Beer “rules”.
    5. Being served infected beer.
    6. Poorly trained / advised bar staff.
    7. Beer know-all’s that know feck all.
    8. Behemoths pretending to be craft.
    9. Over the top pretentious descriptions.
    10. Not being able to sample as many wonderful highly praised brews as I’d like....
  3. DanielAron

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  4. DanielAron

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    I don't follow. Are you saying retailers shouldn't force distributors to pull old beer from the shelves? Regardless of the choices you have in your market, why would you want to drink old beer?
  5. DanielAron

    DanielAron Devotee (426) May 15, 2005 Illinois

    I literally just laughed out loud!
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  6. ElChuques

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    Scott Janish did a sort of aggregation/breakdown of many studies pertaining to hop oils and their behavior during the brewing process (especially fermentation). https://scottjanish.com/examination...s-for-achieving-maximum-hop-aroma-and-flavor/

    I’ve had crappy NEIPAs where a lump of grub cold crashed at the bottom of the can, and there is certainly a fair amount of suspended yeast in the style.

    Even without data, I’ve seen enough anecdotal evidence for me to consider terpenoid biotransformation to be an acceptable theory.
  7. beertunes

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    Uh, fat finger whilst scroll. Can't figure out how to erase.

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  8. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (6,228) Sep 24, 2007 Northern Mariana Islands

    Wut? You're not down with the baggy pants homies? You hate the sag?
  9. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (6,228) Sep 24, 2007 Northern Mariana Islands

    Well, Dubuque?
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  10. beertunes

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    I say: drink one (at least) of everything, and be willing to say that popular might not be all that.

    Fuck the hive mind.
  11. beertunes

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    BTW, unless the OP is actually Alex Treebark, which she/he must be, who the bloody hell actually phrases their language by Jeopardy rules?

    Questions are answers: answers are questions?

    Uh, I'll take "Beer Nerd Problems " for a Trillion, "Alex".
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  12. dukeandduke

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    "Welcome to Beer Jeopardy, the only Jeopardy who requires a credit card hold to order a question.."
  13. ElChuques

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    Not using the multi quote function to fit all your replies into one post.

  14. dennis3951

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    Not so sure I agree with this, many women look great is spandex!!!
  15. tinoynk

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    Except for when, like I saw last week, one of those oversized monsters gets his disgusting paws (that have been on NYC sidewalks btw) on the bar.


    But as far as I'm concerned they should all be out. I don't want to have to keep an eye out for fear of stepping on your chihuahua while also negotiating a crowded taproom carrying a couple dripping beers filled to the brim.
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  16. Ursula1007

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    You are going to love this comment by me:

    The arrogant bearded guys, what you refer to as "Alpha-Dorks".
    The arrogant bearded guys blocked me on Twitter because I was amused by the notion we should not refer to craft beer as craft beer bit simply as 'beer'. Try that in most bars and you will be offered Bud or Coors.
    And I agree with your comment on lagers, NEIPA. Most recent love affair tho is with a Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter. Love hops, tired of the over hopped madness.
  17. mickyge

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    I get all that, but nothing is worse then when your first pull of a beer is skunk.
    I've seen people use the cooler as a mix and match, some bottle shops frown on that others are to big to notice and some (one of the main ones I frequent) allow it. I've seen a carriage full of four packs with 1 or 2 missing that the stock person just culled from the cooler headed for the shelf in a big box discount warehouse. I'm not a fan of cold, warm then cold beer, reminds me too much of my pre legal drinking age when we used to sneak beers and hid them in the woods. Cheers.
  18. Patrick999

    Patrick999 Meyvn (1,016) Oct 18, 2006 Florida

    Yeah, this drives me nuts, the proliferation of so-called beer experts who think they are experts simply because they camp out in front of a brewery overnight for some bull**** barrel-aged hype stout with vanilla, hazelnut, crushed donuts, pecan pie and god knows what else. Yet 100%, these people have never had a tripel, witbier, bock, etc. etc.

    It is also the weird obsessive male (mostly) collectors' mentality applied to beer. The idea that you can "make money" with it as well makes it even worse, IMO.
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  19. cavedave

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    Haha I'll play
    Soooo tired of bitterbozos who can't help but pat themselves on the back for liking beer with an excess of a taste, bitter, we are genetically programmed to recognize as poison. Most of these WCIPA are basically throw 95% two row, 5% caramel, into the mash, and then throw as much hops early into the boil as possible, then use a super forgiving yeast to ferment it. Basically the easiest recipe in the history of beer. Then they complain the NEIPA brewers with their complicated malt bills, complicated hopping schedules, temperature regimes, and difficult to use yeasts aren't talented brewers, and the folks who enjoy the style aren't real beer drinkers even when they like 100 other styles.

    Soooo tired of the completely delusional folks who moan to insist there was a marvelous past of American beer that was filled with so many more styles than today, fresher and made better, easily available, a veritable happyland of beer that has been ruined by modern brewers and modern beer lovers into a sameness of mediocrity and few choices.

    Sooooo tired of this repetitive thread being warranted so often by the sea of negativity that exists in our beer culture.
  20. 5thOhio

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    Neither have I, but there have been comments on BA in the past that you should drink an AAL if offered because it's bad manners to refuse a beer.
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  21. J-Bk

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    Maybe not "annoying", but I find the never-ending creations of new "IPA"s to be lame. I'm not passing judgement on any single beer or brewery, but for god's sake, enough already! If you are bold enough to brew these beers, you should be brave enough to put forth a completely new style. And this is in no way a dig at BA's upcoming IPA Fest, before anyone comes to that conclusion. I'd be there in a heartbeat if I didn't have a previous commitment.
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  22. StoutSnob40

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    Well, maybe it's different now, but it used to be so bad that their neighbors were complaining about people standing around at like, 3 in the morning, and drinking.
  23. tinoynk

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    It's a stretch to say it annoys me, but I always found it curious how hesitant anybody in this forum is to name specific breweries, bars, or bottle shops.

    A common format of a post here is "I went to a local bar/bottle shop/brewery, and thought it was amazing/terrible, but rather than actually naming it and being of any kind of help to anybody I'll stay mysterious and opaque."
  24. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Savant (914) Apr 21, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    I don’t know. Sure pastry stouts and NEIPAs dominate the top lists here and elsewhere, but is that because people prefer ‘juice’ or dessert foods to beer, or is it simply because they are the styles de jour? A few years ago it was all Bourbon BA stouts and west coast IPAs at the top of the lists. Does that mean people then preferred Bourbon and Chinotto to beer? I’d argue that it is a big leap to make an assumption of this sort. Novelty is far more likely to be the reason for their presence on the top lists than is some sort of false consciousness.

    I prefer smoked beer to Kolsch. If given a choice between the two, I’ll almost always take the smoked beer. Does that mean that while I may like the taste of beer, I prefer the taste of bacon or some other things used as a descriptor for the tastes of smoked beer? This seems a very forced argument to my ears.
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  25. Peabods

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    You know what I find annoying....Your outlook in general. It seems this post was made specifically to call people like yourself out! Don't like it, don't drink it, but your opinion is tainted with your responses.
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  26. TongoRad

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    Smoked Kölsch ftw!
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  27. Ranbot

    Ranbot Champion (871) Nov 27, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Imagine: Gaffel and Schlenkerla collaboration with 100% traditional German ingredients and brewing methods! :wink:
  28. MatthewSwasta

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  29. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poo-Bah (2,634) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
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    You don't really have to go that far. :wink:

    I've had smoked pale lagers made in the US that could have functionally been Kolsches: crisp, lightly smoked, and refreshing. They are great hot weather beers, too, as a plus.
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  30. Justonemore91

    Justonemore91 Aspirant (260) Nov 24, 2018 New York
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    So breweries can't please everyone because we all want something different.. These God damn no good breweries.. Such a horrible time to be a beer lover :confused::confused::confused:
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  31. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Savant (914) Apr 21, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    A local place made one a couple years back. No style got left behind that day!

    It is a shame we live in a time of no choice and you will likely never see that again...
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  32. beerman2017

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    Agree wholeheartedly. I have thousands of lunch options at work, but guess what? I had a peanut butter and jelly on Italian bread. Where's the PB&J purist crowd to admonish me for a) my choice of PB, b) my choice of strawberry (obviously far superior to grape) jelly?
    I say enjoy your beer however you like it! I'll enjoy my flawed PB&J!
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  33. ktr5010

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    Mostly these complaining about some perceived or otherwise small issue with craft beer threads that keep dominating the front page
  34. JimboBrews54

    JimboBrews54 Champion (864) Apr 22, 2018 Michigan

    Dust off that old equipment, make what you like because it is so worth it. I made a stout over the summer, it turned out to be just ok as soon as I get a barrel and age it, so it is going to be amazing once next winter rolls around!
  35. bwarner2015

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    you beat me to it...
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  36. bwarner2015

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    There is a liquor store I frequent, and I noticed a lot of "old" beer on the shelves, beer that was not there the previous week.. I told the staff, and they said Yes, they know. Their distributor gives it to them cheaper than the fresh stuff, and they sell it at a discount. Wasn't much of a discount, maybe $1-$2 off the normal 4-pack price. I shook my head and left. I'll have to be more diligent in checking dates if I go back.
  37. Ranbot

    Ranbot Champion (871) Nov 27, 2006 Pennsylvania

    I have no doubt it's been done and tastes great. It sounds lovely to me. But a non-German brewery doing that is vulnerable to the criticisms of German beer purists protected from rebuke by their impenetrable armor of self-righteousness. I'm more interested in watching their heads explode when one of their sacred German breweries does something like that. :popcorn:
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  38. RobH

    RobH Defender (635) Sep 23, 2006 Maryland

    The real annoyance is the original source of this issue: the person/people who took the singles out of the packs in the fridge in the first place, thus creating incomplete packs that someone else is left with.
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  39. drtth

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    Ah, yes, the GBP...
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  40. dennis3951

    dennis3951 Savant (910) Mar 6, 2008 New Jersey

    You are lucky the Italian bread purest aren’t you for mistreating their bread!