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  1. cinho

    cinho Initiate (51) Jun 11, 2018 Wales

    3F - Zenne b3-b6 (for Samuel only)
    3F - Schaarbeekse Kriek
    Cantillon - Brabantiae 2018
    Cantillon - 50n4e Brandy
    Cantillon - Fou Foune
    Cantillon - Nath 2018
    Cantillon - Nath (5% Framboise 28/11/18 bottling x 2

    Damon (pref 2019 but open to others)
    Civil Disobedience (pref to 23 & 27)
    Self-Reliance Motueka
    Newer BOT variants
    Newer GOM variants

    Open to other bottles and also a few fresh hops. Can also expand.

    Ship to UK. Have done US-UK trades 25+ times. Happy to help guide through it if you've never done it. Just drop me a message!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.