Beer IP Brussels Dec 8-9/ FT: Stouts and Hops / ISO: Lambic

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  1. afish

    afish Initiate (98) May 5, 2015 Massachusetts

    BCBS Regular (‘17/‘18), Vanilla, Bramble
    Hill Farmstead Damon ‘18
    Trillium Macaroon, Coconut Pecan Pie
    Founders CBS ‘17
    Fremont/Perenial Unicorn Tears
    Dark Lord Vertical (Maybe ‘12-16 I need to check)
    Veil Dark Daze Stouts
    Tree House Human Condition, Nervous Energy, Spiritual Unrest, Hold On to Morning
    Ardea Insignis

    Trillium and Tree House Hops

    ISO: Limited/Vintage Cantillon and 3F Lambics.
  2. Jesperrr

    Jesperrr Initiate (42) Dec 3, 2016 Netherlands

    BCBS BIN! ;-)