Beer IP Proxy Brussels January 10th

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    My friend will be in Brussels January 10th and can do a proxy trade for us. He has done it for me before.

    -Cigar City Marshal Zhukov 2015
    -Cigar City Marshal Zhukov 2016
    -Cigar City Caffe Americano
    -Grimm Bourbon Barrel Double Negative
    -Grimm Maple Bourbon Barrel 2016
    -Grimm Double Negative 2016
    -Grimm Double Negative 2017 (x2)
    -Grimm Sumi Ink 2016
    -Grimm Rainbow in Curved Air 2015
    -Grimm Sugarmaker 2017
    -Grimm Rainbow Dome 2017
    -Jester King SPON Blueberry & Pitaya 2017 375ml
    -Jester King Omniscience & Proselytism (b4) 2017
    -Jester King Aurelian Lure (b3) 2015
    -Jester King Vie En Rose (b6) 2017
    -Jester King Synthesis Analogous (b2) 2017
    -Tired Hands Tony Vecchio
    -Westbrook Mexican Cake 2017
    -Wicked Weed Recurrant 2016
    -Wicked Weed Chocolate Covered Black Angel 2017
    -Wicked Weed Amorous 2015
    -Wicked Weed Recurrant 2015
    -Wicked Weed Oblivion 2015
    -Prairie Vanilla Noir 2016
    -Prairie Bourbon Paradise 2017
    -Prairie Apple Brandy Noir (b3) 2016
    -Funky Buddha I’m So Excited I’m So Scared 2017
    -Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter 2017
    -Prairie Bread Putin (x3) - member only bottle
    -Prairie Warm Fuzzy (x2) - member only bottle
    -Goose Island Madame Rose 2012
    -Goose Island Pere Jacque 2011
    -Goose Island Fleur 2011
    -Goose Island Juliet 2015
    -Goose Island Halia 2015
    -Bourbon County Coffee 2017
    -Bourbon County Brand Stout 2014 (x4)
    -Other Half Double Drupe (collab with Horus)
    -Cycle 3rd Anniv Set
    -Indonesian Sumatra (blue label)
    -Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (yellow label)
    -Brazil Oberon (green label)
    -Vietnamese (da lat)
    -Jamaica Blue Mountain (Mavis bank estate)
    -Trillium Broken Angel
    -Trillium Permutation #9
    -Perennial Abraxas 2016
    -Perennial Sump 2016
    -Kane Sunday Brunch
    -Kane Morning Bell
    -Kane Mexican Brunch
    -Burlington Beer Co Strange Apparition 2017 (750ml release)
    -Bo & Luke 2015
    -Bruery Blue BBLS 2016
    -Bruery Cherry Glazier
    -Bruery BBA 8 Maids A Milking
    -Bruery Vindictive II
    -Bruery PB&Thursday 2018
    -Bruery White Chocolate 2015
    -Bruery Bois 2013
    -Bruery Chronology:12
    -Hill Farmstead Biere De Norma 2016
    -Evil Twin Even More Jesus Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel Aged (2016)
    -Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel Aged (2016)
    -Evil Twin Double Barrel Jesus (2016)
    -Founders CBS 2017 (x2)
    -Rare Barrel Another World 2018

    -Magic Lambic
    -Lou (any style/year)
    -3F 2015 A&G Vintage magnum
    -3F 2015 OGV+Honing
    -St Lam
    -Cantillon Magnums
    -3F Oude Gueze (anything before 2012)
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