IP: STL ISO: 2021 BCBS Variants, FT: List

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  1. smalony

    smalony Initiate (68) Apr 19, 2020 Missouri

    ISO 2021 BCBS Variants:

    Reserve 150 Stout*
    Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout*
    Reserve Blanton’s Stout*
    Fourteen Stout

    * - Seeking multiples if possible

    FT List:

    Continuance b1
    Coco Vibes (2021)
    Perennial Anniversary (2019)
    Langst (2021)
    Pulling Nails 13
    Gin Barrel SdF
    Narrow Gauge BA Vanil (2021)
    2020 BCBS Anniversary x1
    2020 BCBS Birthday x1

    PM to discuss ratios. Will happily tilt trade in your favor (or discuss bigger bottles...Anabasis, Maman, etc) for multiples of each of my top 3 ISO.

    IP St. Louis beginning 12/3
  2. smalony

    smalony Initiate (68) Apr 19, 2020 Missouri

    Updating list. No longer looking for BCBS Fourteen.

    Now offering Anabasis b5 + or Maman (2020) + for other 3 BCBS bottles.
  3. jts211

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    Any interest in shipping? I have 2x Reserve Blanton's and 1x Reserve 150 for trade. Would be interested in working something out for your Maman 2020 if shipping is possible on your end.