IPA: Mainstay or Fad?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Shane_Bellone, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Not that I can think of, off hand. I noted above how I've collected my reference material - like the below - but it's hit or miss and seldom exactly what you're looking for (and ya gotta save what ya find). The IRI sales figures, which come in volume (cases, not barrels) or in dollars are, at best, indications of trends and not actual exact sales, because of how they're collected (retail level) and then only from certain types of retailers.
    But they're good enough for the industry, so....
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    I can't remember if it was this site, but I remember someone from England saying American (and American inspired) pale ales, IPAs, etc. served in a separate category than their English counterparts (also labeled as something other than pale ale, IPA, etc. and more along the lines of "American ale", or something). Guessing they're seen as being as different as a German pilsner and American adjunct lager. You wouldn't imagine them being sold side-by-side.
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    Soooo are we done here?
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    It seems as if fellow members are currently a DIPAs in while posting. For a fad to end, the product does not have to stop existing. Do mullets still exist? How about wide-leg jeans? Tribal tattoos? Fads ending have more to do with their exit from pop culture than ceasing to exist.

    Yes, IPAs have been around a minute but as others have mentioned -- today's IPAs are extremely dissimilar to those.

    Speaking IPA culture though.... Notice how IPA fans do see IPAs as the only choice. They remain unable to concede that they may not be the one worthy choice until man has ceased walking the earth.

    Sure, everyone who received a tramp stamp during the '90s thought the same. But you're more rational than them, right? :slight_smile:
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    I remember my first post... "Is it OK to almost exclusively drink new stuff/Pokemon - gotta collect em all!"... I low balled it.
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    And the point is?
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    Well since a brewer only needs to show a picture of hops to the wort in order to stick the IPA marketing tool onto the label I'd say it's not a fad.
  8. Oktoberfiesta

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    Almost every local brewery around here has stated many times through many avenues that their core IPAs make up a good 2/3rds of their sales. But that was 2-3 years back. Many have spent millions on upgrades knowing what has been their mainstay money maker. I guess fad isn't the right word that I would be looking at. Maybe diversity? Do breweries have to be more diverse now? Yes. I think they do.

    But I'm also not looking at ipas as merely hazy limited quick sales. There are two branches of ipas. The former has had Longevity for atleast 10-16 years. The other may be fragile.
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    So it seems we can say that the potential 'fad' of IPAs started around the year 2000. And if anything it seems to have expanded it's appeal in the intervening (nearly) 2 decades. It appears to be leading the revolution (in the sense of a cycling not an overturning) in beer globally, and most of the 'fad' styles have been different takes on the IPA foundation. If you describe an IPA as an ale brewed with a focus on some aspect of hop flavors then I think it's safe to say that the IPA has passed the fad phase and is now a global beer mainstay
  10. Optifron

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    Agreed, second post makes much more sense. To that second post, the idea that the current large share of the total craft market that is IPAs being a fad, I (maybe just hopefully) agree. I don’t expect it to turn around tomorrow, but I’ve got to imagine that people will get bored with “variety packs” of 4 IPAs and actually want other beers and the balance will tip back. But who knows. Maybe IPA is just our generation’s AAL.
  11. HoppyBastard

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    Hoppy Bastard is here to help in these confusing times. It turns out the IPA really is a popular style of beer and not just a fad. Just like the horseless carriage and electricity. I think we can close down this thread now. Thank you.
  12. patto1ro

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    All styles fade and die.
  13. JackHorzempa

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    And some come back from the dead - e.g., Grodsizkie.

    Cheers to Zombie beer styles!!!!!!!!!
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    MY LIFE AND SCREEN NAMES ARE JUST A FAD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    Most definitely a mainstay. The fad IMO would be the hazy IPAs; they seem to appeal to the consumers who don't like the bitter taste of IPAs. And maybe a fad as well, but calling every style of beer you add hops to as "Insert beer style" IPA.
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    I don't want to help turn this into a "West Coast vs. NEIPA" thread but I recently visited Pennsylvania and had Fat Head's Headhunter and Hop Juju on draft and it made me nostalgic for that style of beer, that has seemingly been thrown to the wayside.

    I love hazy IPA's. I'm a "Haze boi" as much as anyone else but a great, clean bitter IPA is something to behold. To me, nothing beats that flavor when it first hits your tongue.

    I hope NEIPA's never go away, but I also hope the "West Coast" style IPA's hang around forever too. Variety is good.
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    Is this a thread that was made ten years ago?
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    Putting aside the fact for a moment that as a style of beer, IPAs are hundreds of years old, the fact that IPAs have been a main stay in the American craft beer scene/culture for over 15 years now at this point I'd say show us that this is a very popular beer style that has staying power.

  19. oldbean

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    It's so weird. It's like asking if hot sauce is a fad.
  20. IPAExpert69

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    This is why there are so many varieties of beer to love and enjoy, but that doesn't mean the IPA is a fad, destined to go away to the margins of relevance like the mullet :grin: Your argument is baseless on it's premise, therefore I pronounce you a troll! Congratulations!
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  21. jayrutgers

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    35% of a large market, especially now that Yinlins are considered craft is pretty dominant. Does the next highest even break 15%?
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    Well is it?
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  23. GormBrewhouse

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    Nope, not a fad, just gets a change up from time to time. All good, stouts included.
  24. BayAreaJoe

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    These kinds of threads are the fad right now.
  25. lightman1

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    IPA's have been around long enough to be well past the "fad" stage. There is a lot of newer stuff going on with IPA's. But fad, no.
  26. jesskidden

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    I guess I think "Dominant" should imply close to half the (Craft) market. I see it as 2/3 of craft isn't IPA .

    And since
    "Craft" (B.A. defined) is only about 12% of the total US beer market and even if one adds the barrelage of the ex-craft (Lagunitas, Founders, GI and the other ABers) -so, IPA is, what -at best - 5% of the total beer market?

    Now "Light Beer" - That's (still - for now) Dominant.
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  27. IPAnicked

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    Ummm IPAs have been around since 1840. Or are you referring to the Hazy versions?
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  28. JackHorzempa

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    IPAs were around prior to 1840. I would recommend the IPA book written by Mitch Steele to you.

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  29. pjbear05

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    When I see 2 or 3 IPA's on the tapline of most bars I walk into? Here in South Florida, which I once referred to as a land of "BAC swilling yokels?

    A fad? Yeah, right.
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    Yep, you got it! IPAs suck! They've only been popular for a few months and will probably die any day now. I'm sure most IPA fans will easily forget them in a few months when something new comes along. They've never really been all that well-liked or received, anyway. Just another boring fad, for sure.

    Okay, I'm sorry. I couldn't not give a sarcastic answer. :grin::grin::grin:

    Since he like stouts, I'm thinking maybe he solo-domed a four pack of World Wide Stout? :thinking_face::joy::joy:
  31. neenerzig

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    I'm also quite a big chili head. I love all different kinds/styles of hot sauce from many different hot sauce companies, just like with beers and breweries! :slight_smile:

  32. GratefulBeerGuy

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    New England Style IPA's are also a legit style...here to stay! I would say.
  33. dgmirelli

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    For IPA's to go "away" alot of palates are going to have to make another drastic change....not sure mine will be able to.....I've tried.....
  34. OTB

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    I dont think your " one of the unfortunate few " with regards to gastro-intestinal issues with yeast driven hazy beers. It's more prevalent than you think.I personally know several people who suffer from the effects that hazes have on the gastro track.

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  35. FatBoyGotSwagger

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    I would say mainstay but there is a problem here that will ultimately leave IPA a fad. The continued evolution of the style. It went from very malty and very hoppy, to less malty and more hoppy. Then along came NEIPA. The problem is with the evolution you lose some and gain some until as @patto1ro said every style dies. Unless it stops changing this will lead to its own demise.

    To be honest I don't even think brewers today brew better IPAs then in years past. They have different and better hops to lean on. A lot of beer drinkers shouldn't be praising the newer brewers rather than the modern day hop growers.
  36. nc41

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    Disagree, great lagers and Pils cross the boundary between craft drinkers and aal drinkers. They’re approachable and easy drinking in a style that most like. Weird ipa offshoots stand tall as a candidate for fad status, but classical beers not so much.
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  37. FatBoyGotSwagger

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    The thing about those 2, the Lager and the Pils.. if they die all beer dies.
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  38. nc41

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    It’s just so very basic, most start off with lighter lagers like Budweiser sneaking a warm 6 in the woods at 16. Back in the day a step up was Lowenbrau and or Heineken, really the only real step up for most. But the style is beers guys have loved for over 100 years or more, definitely more. Lagers are the backbone in the beer industry.
  39. Zorro

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    IPAs are a fad.

    But a fad as in not every damn beer has to be an IPA, there are other styles. But it is way easier to hide a badly made beer with hops than it is to make a good Lager.
  40. chipawayboy

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    I think that’s changing. I go to the UK at least once a year and the boomerang of style influence from US to UK has happened in a big way. Tons of small start up brewers are making west coast and NEIPA and serving them in all forms — bottle/force carb draft and traditional cask. All of this being served alongside plenty of traditional UK bitters, pales, Milds, ESBs and IPAs. Cheers.