Irving Park area Chicago, ISO DB VSOD. FT: list

Discussion in 'United States: Midwest' started by goblue30, Feb 9, 2022.

  1. goblue30

    goblue30 Zealot (587) May 18, 2016 Michigan

    May be a long shot, but will be in town the weekend of 2/19...

    main want is DB VSOD but could be open to other local stouts

    FT: SP Tete/La Ruche
    BA Chocolate Expedition
    Any thing currently at Transient
    FO 2021
    Kuhnhenn solstice stout 2019
    DM Triple Mash 2019
    Gravitation Attraction 2020
    Variety of Witch’s Hat offerings from years past

    If looking for something else from MI let me know

    Ratios depend on what’s involved