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  1. kfernandez3

    kfernandez3 (0) May 12, 2013 Connecticut

    Can do this a few times as am interested in more than one pair.

    Coolship Clermont
    Coolship la Mure

    HF E (2014)
    HF CD 19
    HF Brother Soigne (Magnum)
    HF Convivial Suarez (Magnum)
    Maine Beer Co Barrel Program 1
    Tree House cans
    Fuzzy Baby Ducks cans
    Lawson's Rum Barrel Fayston (2014 - batch 1)
    Lawson's Fayston Imperial Stout 2014
    Rodenbach Alexander
    3F A&G
    OEC Oudilis (lambic blend)
    OEC Oudilis Cerasus (lambic Kriek blend)
    OEC Malefactus Citra
    OEC Double Secret Probation Tempus Blend
    OEC Spontalis
    OEC Experimentalis Peaches & Kumquats
    OEC Experimentalis Limes & Kumquats
    OEC Experimentalis Boquet de Fleur (oranges)...need to double check
    ET Double Barrel Jesus
    ET BA Biscotti
    Oxbow Arboreal (2014)
    Oxbow Momoko
    Tilquin Quetsche (I think 2015)

    I know I have other HF and OEC I'm forgetting and by no means is this an exhaustive list. Just getting the lines of communication flowing.

    Local options:
    New England Brewing
    Lasting Brass (Newest brewery to open its doors. Am in the founders / bottle society)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.