Iso: BA Affogato. Ft: Hf list, BT 09

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    Iso: BA Affogato

    Ft: HF Cd Plum
    HF GOM Akmel Nuri
    HF BGE
    HF CD 18
    HF CD 22
    HF Flora BBRC
    HF Sue
    HF Arthur Puncheon
    HF E.
    HF Juicy
    HF Florence Magnum
    HF Arthur Magnum
    Dieu du ciel Double Barrel Pêché Mortel
    Dieu du ciel Exorciste Sauterne
    Black Tuesday 2009-10-11

    Ratio to be discussed on some beers. Willing to expand. Got a ton more, just PM me!

    *** Shipping when it gets warmer around March. Can IP Montréal or weekend March 17-18 around HF.

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Thread Status:
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